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Saturday, January 31, 2015


When I get a kit in the mail DH calls me Imelda.  As in Imelda Marcos who was known for having an extraordinary number of shoes.  DH thinks I have too many kits.  I do.  He is absolutely right.  Part of the problem is I am highly suggestible.  Mary Corbet gets me into so much trouble.(
 I read her blog and love that she tells about nifty things she has run across.  But then I order them.  The latest kit that she talked me into came in the mail yesterday.  Actually, I got three kits from the UK.  DH knows I am a sucker for anything with a crown on it. This is one of the kits I ordered:
I ordered it not knowing how big it was.  When I got it I measured and it will be about three inches by three inches.  It's a little big for a pin to wear.
The kit was packaged nicely:
Inside the little bags were these treasures:

Along with instructions.
See at the bottom.  This is for an "expert".  Uh-oh.  I better start with an easier one.
 This is for a beginner:
I'll try this one first.


  1. I think it is too cute that your husband calls you Imelda. The things you make are beautiful. I love the goldwork kits. I also liked the basket kit you got yesterday. I went to the internet to try and find it but I was unable to, but I really don't need another kit. Have fun with your kits

    Barbara in OKC

  2. Oh, Imelda,tell our DH you are totally allowed. Those are lovely!!!

  3. Funny about Imelda.
    Those goldwork its are gorgeous.