Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Finish

I finished up the Sea Serpent!

I put in all the backstitching and added buttons and a charm from stash.

I like how the whipped backstitch looks.

I think he would look good as the front of a tote or zippered bag of some sort.  I have to think about this.

Then I really wanted to finish Lindy Mouse's House.  I am almost done.

 I have the little mouse and date to do and maybe my initials.  Oh, yeah, I have beads and charms to put on but I'm waiting until the end to do that.  I'm so close to being done.  I was watching "The Roosevelts" as I stitched this and now that's what I think of when I see it.

Finishing two projects presents the tantalizing idea of starting something new.  Or even a couple of new things.  I've got several things in mind.  I'd like to work on Jenny Adin-Christie's Butterfly pin.  I want to get going on the Autumn Casket Keepsakes.  I'd love to start Fair Maiden's Work Bag and/or the Attic's Jackie kit.  My goal this year was Mistress L's Band Sampler so I should work on that too. Decisions!?!  There are a hundred other possibilities too.  It's a lovely dilemma.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Little Bits

I made good progress yesterday on my stitching.  I got the tail done on the Sea Serpent.  Now all that is left is little bits here and there and a few buttons and backstitching.

I am almost done with the spring/front door side of Lindy Mouse's House.  I think I can finish it today.  Again, there are bits here and there and backstitching left to do.

The bottom side looks like it will be easy to do.  Then I can start putting it together.

I've been to the farmer's market and Walmart.  I am ready for my second cup of coffee and then playtime.
It is a lovely day today.

Friday, September 19, 2014


A pitiful amount of stitching got done yesterday.  I spend too much time on the Internet.  That's part of the problem.  Life gets in the way too.  I am now up to working the tail of the Sea Serpent.

I started the front door/spring side of Lindy Mouse's House.  Not much to show for it yet.

I did get my Autumn Casket Keepsakes in the mail yesterday.

Cool.  I printed out the lessons. (30 pages!)
I put the first piece in the hoop.  I got one measly line chain stitch but at least I am started.

I have been knitting.  I'm not a very good knitter.  I can make dish cloths.  I knitted a pretty fancy sweater for Son#1 when he was three.  I saw Paula buying two little purse kits at Salty Yarns which made me want to buy one too.  So I did.  It looked simple and basic.  That is my style of knitting.  I'm stitching the flaps now and then I need to felt it.

 But I have a mess.

I'm hoping I can untangle enough to finish the flaps.
It's Friday again already.  Stop the world, time is going too fast.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sea Serpent & House

Here is where I am on the Sea Serpent:

I don't know why but I really like this.  The main part I have to do yet is the tail.  I noticed that there are some buttons on him.  I don't have the embellishment pack but I bet I can find some buttons in my stash that will work.  The bubbles coming out of his mouth are buttons.

Then I made some progress on Lindy Mouse's House.

 I am almost done with the summer side.

  There is a little bee and some backstitching left to do.  Then the next part is the front door.  I'd like to get a lot done on that today.  Only two sides to go and I can put this baby together.

I got my hair cut today.  My hair smells good.  I think it is the Moroccan Oil.  I needed it trimmed for the Son#1's wedding.  I am almost all set.  New dress, new shoes, hair cut.

I'm excited today because I got my flights booked for my Attic trip.  Yeah!  I'm expecting to get the Autumn Casket Keepsakes kit in the mail today.  I've looked through the directions and am ready to start.  I still need to do the carnation from the spring Casket Keepsakes but that's a whole other story.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

One More

I finished the paint box for the Toy Chest.

 I really like this project.  It has two pockets for holding needle packets.

 It has a pocket for a needle threader that has a charm on the fob.

I worked on it mostly while waiting in the Philadelphia airport so that when I look at it, that's what it reminds me of.

I have only one more toy left to stitch for the Toy Chest.  It is the Hobby Horse that is a laying tool cover.  I know it will be quick to stitch.  I saw a blog where a lady is stitching the Jack in the Box.  I don't have that kit.  Rats.  Oh well, my box is pretty full of toys.
My goal this week is to finish Lindy Mouse's house.and the Steampunk Sea Serpent.  I'll show you my progress tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I'm late posting today because I have been shopping.  The torturous kind of shopping.  I needed a nice dress for Son#1's wedding.  After trying on ten dresses, I got a dress.  I rarely dress up.  I have very few actual dresses, usually it is a skirt and top of some kind.  But Yeah! I found a dress that will do and a pair of heels.
I just need a haircut (trim) and I'm all set.
Now for a stitchy update.  I have finished Just Nan's Witchy.

 She is cute and I like that all the embellishments were included with the chart.  The only thing I needed to add was a toothpick.

I like the button on the bottom.

I got the Just Cross Stitch Ornament edition in the mail.

I one I really like is the Victoria Sampler stocking.

  Next on the like list is Jackie's skate.
I also got the latest edition of Shepherd's Fold.  It is a pin cushion.

 I have the same problem with it that I had with the box top.  The basket of flowers is way bigger than the house.  Something will be changed with this one.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Last Day

The Salty Yarns Trip: Day Six
Time to go back home.  Before I am ready to go I have to walk on the boardwalk one more time.

 It is windy and rainy again.  But this is my last chance.  I get to Fractured Prune and I want one last donut.  It is only half open.  The door is half way up and the girl says ten minutes until they open.  Hey, I'll wait.  I discover that one donut is three dollars but six donuts are nine dollars.  I only get one but I am tempted.  I love a bargain.  I am pretty soaked by the time I get back to the Lankford.  There is one more thing I need to do before I leave.  I have not walked down to the ocean and put my toes in.  It is really rainy and windy and the waves are high but since this is my last chance, I do it.

The ocean is warmer than I expected it to be.  Hey this is nice, I should have done this more.  I don't like all the sand between my toes though.

Ginny and I take off for the airport.  We have the same flight to Philadelphia.  Everything goes smoothly.  My next flight is slightly delayed.  We are waiting for the plane to arrive.  But luckily the pilots make up for the delay and I get home just fine and on time with DH waiting for me.

Here is my stash from Salty Yarns:
 The Sam Sarah Steampunk Sea Serpent was designed for Salty Yarns Jamboree last year.  I think it is so cool.  I found some Gumnut silk thread and several colors of linen.

I've had the best time.  I want to go back again next year.  What is my next trip?  In two weeks, Son#1 is getting married.  He happens to live not too far from a very good needlework shop.  Maybe I'll get there.
Barbara asked if I am going to Williamsburg.  Yes I am.  But first I'm going to The Attic in November.
Back to stitchy updates tomorrow.