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Friday, August 26, 2016


The other day I was stitching and wanted something to listen to.  There was nothing on the TV and . just John Tesh on the radio.  Then I remembered Spinster Stitcher talking about wasting a lot of time on Flosstube.  So I thought I would check it out.  It is videos on YouTube.  It kept me company for quite a while.  Flosstube is people who post a video blog (vlog) every once in a while.  It was fun to see one lady visit Stitchville. I can relate the her excitement.  Another visited The Silver Needle. (I stopped watching when they were playing Monopoly). Then a lady in another country talked about the stuff she was working on and held them up to the camera so you could see.  I was looking for someone who stitched the kind of stuff I like to work on.  I thought, hey, I could do a video blog but I wouldn't want to be on camera.  So this blog is fine for me.  Who wants to see an old lady with a ponytail?

So I reached my goal yesterday of getting to the end of the flowers on the needleroll.  I promptly put it in it's bag and called it done.

Then I wanted to show you Her Majesty's Nightcap.  I've been putting in stitches here and there.  It sure takes a long time.

I got my sewing machine table cleaned up a bit yesterday so I feel better.

  But I have to tackle some of the stuff on the floor.  Thanks for all the great comments.  It is good to know other people face these same dilemmas.  Still don't know what to do with my ribbons.

How can it be Friday again?  The last Friday in August?  Will time please stop and wait for me?  Some philosopher said time waits for no man.  Or woman.  Rats.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Just Quit

The other day when I said I was going to clean up my sewing room, I didn't.  I got distracted.  So today I started putting some stuff away.  I decided that I have too much stuff.  My ribbon box is full and I have more ribbons to put away.  ARGH.  What do I do?  Get a bigger box?  Get another box?  DH would say pitch the whole lot.  I can't do that.  But I know that something has got to give.  Cleaning up sometimes makes a bigger mess than you already have.  Just pulling things out and trying to decide what to pitch is really hard.  Being realistic on whether I want to stitch something is very hard too.  It is easier to give a project away than to throw it away.

My goal for today is to finish the pre-stitching for Ode.  I'm sick of it.  I want to be done.  I'm really awfully close.  I just need to finish the needleroll front.  I think I'll just do three more flowers and quit.  Yes, quit.  I'm going rogue anyway.

Then I'm going to put that bag away until the class at the end of September.

I have been looking at Amy Mitten's site multiple times a day.  I need to quit that too.  I have more than one Amy Mitten project to work on.  I bought a sampler on ebay that I can dig out, Tudor something.  I also have the Casket Keepsake Cornflower that has never been finished.

Mistress L is doing okay.  I would like to finish her up too.  I finished the band I was working on and started the next band.  Less than ten inches to go.

At the end of the day, I just want to start something new.  I also want to eat candy all day and not get fat.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Moving On

I started the band under the queens on Mistress L's Band Sampler.  This is interesting because it is the reverse of an earlier band.

I worked a bit on the needleroll of Ode's pre-stitching.  I sort of want to be done with this.  I have three more flowers on my chart and then I have to start repeating (or making up) flowers until I get to the end which seems very far away at the moment.

I am almost done making a small project bag.

When I was making the pin cushion, I was experimenting with sizes since I didn't have the pattern to go by.  I ended up using the smaller one to make the pin cushion.  So what do I do with the slightly larger one?  Make a project bag.  My sewing is a bit messy but I love the fabrics and, hey, it's just for me.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


I fixed her stupid head.
This band is done unless I add a few little things.  But right now, I'm not in the mood.
Mistress L is now 21 1/2 inches long.
I rented the movie "Love and Friendship" on Amazon and watched it last night. It is based on a novella by Jane Austen.  I need to watch it again so I can catch all the great dialog.  It is very funny.  All the people were a bit confusing at first but watching it again, I'll know who everyone is.  That was the perfect movie to watch after finishing up Jane Austen's head.
Now I really can compare these two methods.  Can I get by doing as much over two as possible and then filling in with single stitches?  I think I can.  The over one head (on the left) is darker in color.  I decided to do her name like it is a book title on the spine instead of green dots.  I think this will be folded into a book-like shape.  When I finish the needleroll front, all the pre-stitching will be done.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Stupid Head

I worked really hard trying to get the yellow queen in Mistress L.  When I was putting in the last few stitches, something wasn't looking right.

The collar was off.  So I took one side out and stitched it carefully in again.  Nope, it still looked off.  So after examining it closely, I realized that her stupid head was one thread too far to the left.  *!%@^#.  I was just defeated. Her hair turned out so well and now I have to take it out. I put it down and read a book instead (The Bat by Jo Nesbo).  I couldn't deal with it late at night.

So now I'm ready to take it out and redo it.  I just can't leave it, the queens have to be right.  There is still a lot of stuff I have to put in yet before this section is done.  I took out the stupid green things hanging down from the arch.  I'm going to put a bird in somewhere.
The stupid walking is done.  The stupid bathrooms are clean.  I'm ready to fix her stupid head.

Sunday, August 21, 2016


I've been working on Ode pre-stitching.  I was happy to get the saying all done.

Maybe I need just a bit more decoration around the saying but I have to think about it but don't you love that tiny heart at the end?

So I picked up poor Jane's head and decided I had to finish that off.  I wasn't even sure it would turn out.  It's an experiment.

This is the outside of the needleroll with the too light flowers replaced.

Tomorrow I'll show you my progress on the yellow queen.
It is a quiet Sunday.  Claire and family are travelling so we may not get to talk.  Boo-hoo.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Another Finish!

I just had to finish this up yesterday.  It turned out fine.  It is a scissors holder.  Easy peasey.  Worked on banding and I didn't even change anything.  Well, actually I used two strands instead of one of the green so the lazy daisy stitches would look more even.  Oh yeah, I added some gold around the scissors.  And I sewed it together on the sewing machine. I can't help myself, I have to change things!

I'm being good today.  I didn't buy a cinnamon roll at the Farmer's Market.  I only bought one piece of candy. (I usually buy their $10 special).
I worked a bit on the Ode pre-stitching.  I was deciding what color floss and what font to use for my Jane Austen saying.  I decided to go the Anne Hathaway route.  I stitched Anne Hathaway's house (Needlemade Designs) a couple years ago and loved the font and the floss color.
So I went looking for the project.  Couldn't find it. It is lost among things in one of the curio cabinets.  So I went looking for the pattern.  It took a while but I found it.

I made a copy of the words and then cut out letters and taped them together.

I was wondering whether this mess would turn out.  So then I had to figure out how to center it on the inside of the needleroll.  And I started stitching.  Even though it is over one, I like it.  It is the right size and the right color.