Monday, July 28, 2014


It's Monday and the walking is done and the bathrooms are clean.  DH has gone off to play soccer.
So where am I?
Some days it seems like I just don't have anything interesting to show you.  But just knowing that I want to show something makes me work harder and longer.  So you motivate me whether you know it or not.  I really want to get the butterfly from Summer Casket Keepsakes done so I am plugging away on those wings.  I have four done and four to go.

When I needed a break from the wings, I worked a bit on the pin cushion from the Toy Box.  It is coming along nicely.

Several people told me that Classic Colorworks is the new name for Crescent Colors floss.  Thanks!
BFF suggested a green for the border of the Ladies Prim Society kit.  Great idea!  I'm thinking a green/teal overdyed.
Idele Gilbert said she would let me know if she makes a pattern for the fish pin cushion.  Yeah!
Time to play.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ladies Prim

Good mail yesterday.  I got the latest kit from the Ladies Prim Society through Dyeing to Stitch.

I love getting a kit with all the parts in it.

I don't recognize the brand of floss in the kit, Classic Colorworks.  I wonder who makes it.  I am thinking of changing one of the colors.  The border color is a gray stone-like color.  I have no idea what to change it to, so I'm going to look through my overdyed threads.
I haven't even touched the kit that came before this one.  I like this new kit and want to make it.  I'm kind of picky so that's saying a lot.

I finished number three wing and I've started number four on the Summer Casket Keepsakes.

I'd like to concentrate on getting this done.  I read through the directions and I can do this but I have to slog through these eight wings first.

Then I am also working on the pin cushion Primer for the Toy Box.  If I concentrated on this today, I could get it done

It's very steamy outside today.  I am grateful for air conditioning.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

And Now For Something Different

Okay, here is the last photo of Hampton Court with it star spangles in place.

I put it on top of my double casket just to see how it looks.

 I think it will be perfect.  I want to start another side of the casket that will be a  mermaid from an old pattern of Nostalgic Needle.  Of course I have to find it first, although I'm pretty sure where it is.

So now what do I work on??  Something within reach of the happy chair.  I picked up a butterfly wing from Summer Casket Keepsakes.  I'm still on wing three (I think, it's been a while).

But the temptation to start something new was just overwhelming.  So I took a look at a few things that are sitting around the sewing room.  I took out the butterfly kit from Jenny Adin-Christie just to see what was the first thing that needs to be done on it.

 Padding with felt is first so I cut out the felt and started sewing it down.

Then I saw a Moss Creek kit I want to do.  Carpe Diem is a fish shaped etui.  So I checked what needs to be done first.  It is the backstitching around the edge.  So I did a few stitches.

Then I saw this sweet small from With Thy Needle & Thread.

 Do I have the colors I need?  Well, I had enough to get started.  It is stitched on 40 count.

 It went really fast.  So cute.  I have to find the pendant thing.  I have one around here somewhere.  Maybe I can put it together today.

I love starting something new.  I enjoyed started three new things.

Friday, July 25, 2014

A Few Spangles Away

I'm a few spangles away from being done with Hampton Court.

This last hillock was very challenging.  I put in the gold outlines trying to follow my pounced lines.  I didn't like how it looked so I decided to use the felt pattern to help me get the bumps in the just the right place.

  Then I had to couch the silk wrapped purl inside of the bumps.  That takes forever.

 Stumpwork is not my forte.  Anyway, I persevered and now all I have left to do is a few stars in the sky made with gold spangles.  I want to see what it looks like on top of my casket.
Does this mean I can start something new???

I was trying to remember what the other kit I got for Christmas was.  Oh yeah, the kit to Home Sweet Home.

Yes, I have to get back to that now that I have seen one all done. For now, I think I'll concentrate on finishing the Toy Box and the Summer Casket Keepsakes with a little half doll work thrown in for good measure.  I haven't cross stitched for a couple days and I miss it.
I can't believe it is Friday again already - don't I say that every week?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

One More Hillock

Hampton Court is almost done!  One more hillock to go.  This one will have lots of silk wrapped pearl (purl?) on it.  I was wondering when I would need the black pounce.  This is where.  I had read about pounce but never used it.  It worked out pretty well but it is messy.  I'm sure (knock on wood) that I can finish this up today.  I am so tickled that I will be able to stitch this to completion.

I got good mail yesterday.  I ordered the books that Janet showed on her blog (

  They came from the UK but they arrived sooner than I expected.  I haven't had a chance yet to sit down and look closely at them.  They look like such fun to play with.  I would love to putter around and see what I can make.  I love making stuff.

I signed up for another class.  This time it is Amy Mitten's Autumn Casket Keepsakes.

 I just love her classes and the directions are always so good.  This makes me want to concentrate on getting that darling butterfly done!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Hillocks must be an English expression.  That's all I have left on Hampton Court.  I finished Hillock 3 yesterday and started Hillock 4.  That leaves two hillocks to go.  Can you believe it?  I'm almost done!

I've signed up for an Ellen Chester class through my guild.  It has the most beautiful tiger maple carrier.  Like I need another class!

I finished my book.  Yeah!  I read a few pages of the next book too.  I'm not going to be so obsessed with The Silkworm.  Really.
It is a lovely day out.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

One Curlique

I read  a lot yesterday.  I have only 200 Ipad pages to go and I am done with The Cuckoo's Calling.  So not a lot of stitching got done yesterday.  I finished stitching the top of the pin cushion to the Toy Box and started on the back.

I got one curlique on hillock #3.  My goal for today is to finish this hillock.  So far, so good.

It is supposed to be very hot today.  I'm lucky to live in air-conditioning.