Wednesday, August 27, 2014


This is the before picture:

These windows are 36 years old and in bad shape.
Tomorrow I'll show you the after picture - assuming that the builder-type guys are able to finish today.

I got a good start on the back of the Toy Chest.  My modest goal today is to get at least half of the back done.  I'm sure I can do that.

I am so itching to start something new.  But I slap my hands and say No! No! No! not until you finish this toy chest.  I am still waiting on Just Nan's Witchy.  I also bought some inexpensive charts on Ebay.  I should stay away from that place.  It's too tempting.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I finished stitching the top of the Toy Chest.  Yeah!  Now on to the back.  I;m leaving the side for last as it will be easier and quicker than the back.  I'm still waiting for some momentum on this.  Slowly and surely, it is getting done.

I am working on the snowmouse of Lindy Mouse's house.  Say that fast three times.  I'd like to make some progress on the winter side today.

But we are getting ready to have windows installed tomorrow so I have to get things moved around and ready.

I have to sort out what I'm taking to Salty Yarns.  I think I'll take the Betsy Morgan Paint Box to work on.

  I've got my Alaska Stand cup so I can get inexpensive refills.
I've been dreaming of a Fractured Prune donut.  Mmmmmmm

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Laundry Basket of Shame

Barbara asked me what the Laundry Basket of Shame is.  She thinks she might have one.

 Every once in a while someone comes to visit or we have new windows put in.  That means I have to clean up the floor in my sewing room.  It is a Herculean task.  I guess I just need more storage.  I'd rather think that than acknowledge that I am a slob or a hoarder.  My cabinets are full of stuff I want to do someday.  When my sons moved away, I ended up with extra laundry baskets.  They didn't want to take them with.  So I used one (or two or three) to stick stuff in.

Works in progress, unfinished projects,  half finished projects that I meant to get back to soon, threads, patterns that I made one of the things and want to make the rest, more threads, projects that need finishing but I haven't decided how to finish yet, that new kit that came in the mail.  My problem is that the laundry basket is full and over flowing.

My Laundry Basket of Shame is under my table by my happy chair.  Beside it is another laundry basket where I stick linen.  It is full also.  Up in the closet I have a plastic bin where I keep my DMC threads.
  The bin is full.  DH laughs when I say I need some thread.  I do have a problem with throwing things away.  Especially stitchy things, I might need them someday.  Even DMC floss that has lost its label.  I have a bag full of stash that I bought this year on my trips.  Yes, I want to make everything I bought but there is no place to put it.  It is a full and overflowing bag.  I fully intend on getting more stash when I go to Salty Yarns (next week!).  What to do with all my stuff?  I don't know.

I actually love being surrounded by all my stuff.  The mess doesn't really bother me except when I can't find something or there is no place to walk.

P.S. Don't tell anybody how messy I am.

Sunday, August 24, 2014


I decided to stitch the top of the Toy Chest.  I got a good start.  Wouldn't it be nice to finish this today?  I'm not sure I can but I'll try.  Over one goes so slowly.

I put in the crow on Just Nan's Lindy Mouse's house.  Now the autumn side really is finished.
I got a start on the winter side.

I've been thinking about cleaning out the laundry basket of shame.  Things are over flowing in my sewing room.  There are too many piles on the floor.  It's ridiculous.  I will have to do it on a day that I'm feeling very strong!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Dog Days of Summer

It is really humid today.  I'm glad I do my walking early in the morning when it is cooler.  Now I can vegetate since my Saturday stuff is done (Farmer's Market, bills paid).

I finished the dark horse side of the Toy Chest.  I'd like to start the top but it is probably more prudent to start the other side or back.  We'll have to see what I choose.

I only got a few stitches into Lindy Mouse's house.  I realized that I forgot to stitch the crow in the tree on the autumn side.  I'll have to go back and do that.  I think there is a bird on each side of the house.

I'm hoping to get Just Nan's Witchy in the mail. (Like I need another kit!)
The goal for this next week is to get the Toy Chest done, done, done.

Friday, August 22, 2014

No Reply

Alot of times a reader of my blog will ask me a question and I can't answer them because they are marked "No Reply".  There are blogs where they explain how to fix this.  Here is one

I'm going to use this to check and see if I am a no reply.

Friday Again

The week has gone so fast.  How can it be Friday again?
I got the attic done on Lindy Mouse's house.  I'm thinking I should do the winter side as it is my least favorite.  After last winter, I just am not thrilled by cold and snow anymore.

I want to get to the front door side as I like it the best.

I worked on one side of the Toy Chest.  I think I can finish it today if I work hard.  I got to the horse's rear, literally.

I started some pre-stitching for a class at the Attic in November.  It is kind of slow because it is mostly over one.
I started a new book.  It is Stephen King's Mr. Mercedes.  I'm hoping it doesn't get too gross.  He is such a good writer and it is a mystery (so far).  I downloaded the first episode of House of Cards from Itunes since it was free.  I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.  It was interesting to watch.  It makes me want to download another episode especially since there doesn't seem to be anything interesting on TV.
What a life I have!