Thursday, July 24, 2014

One More Hillock

Hampton Court is almost done!  One more hillock to go.  This one will have lots of silk wrapped pearl (purl?) on it.  I was wondering when I would need the black pounce.  This is where.  I had read about pounce but never used it.  It worked out pretty well but it is messy.  I'm sure (knock on wood) that I can finish this up today.  I am so tickled that I will be able to stitch this to completion.

I got good mail yesterday.  I ordered the books that Janet showed on her blog (

  They came from the UK but they arrived sooner than I expected.  I haven't had a chance yet to sit down and look closely at them.  They look like such fun to play with.  I would love to putter around and see what I can make.  I love making stuff.

I signed up for another class.  This time it is Amy Mitten's Autumn Casket Keepsakes.

 I just love her classes and the directions are always so good.  This makes me want to concentrate on getting that darling butterfly done!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Hillocks must be an English expression.  That's all I have left on Hampton Court.  I finished Hillock 3 yesterday and started Hillock 4.  That leaves two hillocks to go.  Can you believe it?  I'm almost done!

I've signed up for an Ellen Chester class through my guild.  It has the most beautiful tiger maple carrier.  Like I need another class!

I finished my book.  Yeah!  I read a few pages of the next book too.  I'm not going to be so obsessed with The Silkworm.  Really.
It is a lovely day out.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

One Curlique

I read  a lot yesterday.  I have only 200 Ipad pages to go and I am done with The Cuckoo's Calling.  So not a lot of stitching got done yesterday.  I finished stitching the top of the pin cushion to the Toy Box and started on the back.

I got one curlique on hillock #3.  My goal for today is to finish this hillock.  So far, so good.

It is supposed to be very hot today.  I'm lucky to live in air-conditioning.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Cuckoo and Chenille

I got the chenille rows in on Hampton Court.

I don't like the chenille because it is quite fragile and sheds a bit.  The next hillock is spirals made with metal threads surrounded by pieces of gold check. I have the felt padding on.  I'm a little afraid of messing this up but I need to just dive in.  I'm so close to getting this done.  I got this kit for Christmas so that's how long it's taken me to get to this point.

I was feeling guilty.  I have nearly 20 books on my Ipad and I just haven't gotten around to reading.  So I told myself that I would stop stitching and read for half an hour.  After reading for an hour, I didn't want to quit.  I am reading a very good book and I want to know what happens.  It is The Cuckoo's Calling. I'm half way through it.  I also have the next book in the series, The Silkworm.

I started the Toy Box pin cushion.  This is the top piece.

 I'd like to finish stitching the top today.  But that book is calling my name. . . .

Sunday, July 20, 2014


I'm feeling empowered.  It's all because of Janet.  Janet is working on her trinket box for Cabinet of Curiosities (  She's an independent thinker and the most creative person.  She says she is not P.C., period correct.  That means she will do things that aren't necessarily the 17th century way of doing things when finishing her trinket box.  Yeah for her!  I have not been happy with how my trinket box looks.
this is how it looked last August:
The metal edge was not adhering very well and raveled at the ends.  The stitching looked bumpy, not smooth.
 So hearing of Janet's boldness, I, too became bold.  I tore the lacy metal edge off of the trinket box.  I tore the linen off the top of the trinket box.  There, I feel much better.  Then I got to thinking.  How else to finish it?  I wanted it smooth so I thought of making a sandwich of linen on top, padding of some sort in the middle and cardstock on the bottom.  When I went to try this layering I saw several things that could be the filling: skirtex, felt, thermolam.  I decided on the thermolam as it was the most handy and softest.  So I zigzagged my sandwich together after doing a better job of trimming the threads on the back.

I like how it looks.  Janet mentioned putting some finger looped cording around the edge of hers.  So I want to see what that would look like on mine.  But I have to decide on the colors of pearl cotton to use and then I actually have to do it.  Cool.

I finished the Jacob's Ladder toy for the Toy Box.

I'm not sure I did it correctly.  Are both sides supposed to have skirtex in them?  I just put it in the lining side.  But it looks okay.  On to the next toy, the Primer pin cushion.

I am not quite done putting on the loops of metal thread and beads at the ends of the formal borders on Hampton court.

It is looking better all the time.  My goal for today is the finish the formal borders and go on the hillocks number one and two.  They are done with couched silk chenille.  I'm getting excited as I'm getting closer to having this done.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Lid and Borders

I finished up the Toy Box Button Box with it's lid.

 It turned out nicely.  I haven't done hinges like this before and they look good although I have to admit that hinge number two got cut off and restitched.

I went back and read the directions for the needlebook.  I think the skirtex goes in the lining instead of the linen on this one.  anyway, that is how I am doing it.  I can finish this today.  Would you believe I have more toys to stitch?  There is the scissors case and the pin cushion.  Not to mention the actual Toy Box.  But I am making progress.

I finished stitching the banner  over Hampton Court.  Love it.  Then I did one of the formal borders.  Easy.

  I am very encouraged as I feel like I am on the home stretch and can do the rest of the stitching without any trouble.  (Knock on wood!)  The formal border on the other side will hide (I hope) the skew-whiffness of the castle.  It's just a bit angled and shouldn't be.

There are metal threads and beads at the end of the formal borders.  I'd like to get that done today too.  I have to check the size of this and see how it fits the top of a casket.

I started the second page chart of the half doll.

 I have a design I stitched a while back that may be used to finish the tiny little Dutch half doll I have.  I'll have to read through the directions and see how they are finished.  I guess it won't hurt to try putting it together.

Sally of Salty Yarns has posted a photo of her finish of the Ladies Prim Society sampler.  I feel very guilty as I have that kit and haven't touched it.  My excuse it that I intend to change the colors but haven't decided what to go with yet.  So much to stitch and so little time!

Friday, July 18, 2014


I am so tickled with how Hampton Court is turning out.  I finished stitching the writing and couched some gold pearl purl on either side of the writing.

It looks so much more finished now.  There is more couching to go.  A beige or blue stretched silk wrapped purl is put under each of the gold couching.  Then I will be on to the hillocks.  There's like six or eight hillocks and I am done!  I really can finish this.  I must thank Betsy Morgan for inspiring me to get this done.

Then I made good progress on the Toy Box.  You can tell when I'm afraid to do something, I keep putting it off.  I was afraid of messing up the finishing on the button box and avoided it.  But last night I was brave and just jumped in and did it.  It turned out pretty well.  I kind of did it my own way.  That's why I was a little hesitant.  It was risky to do it not following the directions.  I didn't sew the lining sides together.  At all.  I just ironed them and hoped they would lay nicely.

 I'm pretty happy with it.  It is missing something.  It's lid.  I finished stitching the lid and just have to put it together with it's lining and attach it.

 That's my goal for today.  Then I also finished stitching the Jacob's ladder needlebook.  It just needs to be put together also.

DQ wanted to know the website for the fish pin cushion.  It is:  She has an Esty shop and some other kits/patterns for sale.  There is no pattern for the fish pin cushion but she might make one.   Maybe we should let her know how many people would like this:
Have a fun Friday!