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Saturday, June 25, 2016


It is a great day here.  The trail was busy this morning at the park.  Lots of weekend runners.  Then I was off to the farmer's market.  I couldn't resist a cinnamon roll.  The bills are paid.  I'm hoping to finish up something stitchy this morning.

Here is what I did yesterday:

My spoon!  I love how this turned out.  It was a quick project.  I didn't know how I would do on the roses but they turned out okay.

 I didn't even change anything on this.  Wouldn't it be great to have a quick project finished every day?  The only problem was I burned myself on the hot glue putting it together.

Amy Mitten is sending my Diligence kit already!  Yeah!  There is a threatened strike for Canadian mail so she is sending the kits early.  Cool.  I probably won't get it until I get home from California.

I'm going to show Claire some stitching while I am visiting. When I was a teacher, I taught 5-year-olds how to make a coaster using plastic canvas and yarn.  Since Claire is 4 1/2, I thought I would show her and see if she is interested.  We'll see how it goes,

Friday, June 24, 2016

Mistress L

When we last left Mistress L, I was going to take out the first line of the words.  I had substituted a different font and didn't like it.
I took out the words and restitched that row just like the chart.
This fits the sampler much better.
Since I have been back from the last retreat, I have stitched some more rows.

Now Mistress L is nearly eleven inches long.  That is progress since I started at 1 3/4 inches.  Of course, I still have quite a way to go.
I have something new to show you tomorrow.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Field Trip

What fun it is to have a friend in town that loves the same stuff I do!  BFF#2 is recovering well from her severely fractured elbow.  We decided to go on a field trip to Stitching Bits and Bobs. I picked up BFF#2 at her mom's house.  Look at that fish!  Her mom caught it.
 I love this old clock.
 Wonderful flowers and hanging baskets.

 DH would love to be able to just go pick greens from the garden.
 The hydrangeas are unbelievable this year.

 We drove up to the Stitching Bits and Bobs.  It has expanded since the last time I was there.

 They have a ton of different threads.

This is what I got:
 Mary Corbet got me into trouble again.  I read her review of the DMC Coloris threads and decided to get them.  I was hoping to find the pattern books using these threads but they were not in stock.
Then we went to a few quilt stores because it was the start of Row by Row.  I got a few pieces of fabric.  I love the hearts fabric.
 Then at another store I found this great map fabric.  I am thinking of doing a pillow for Evan.
Then we had to try out a new restaurant.  BFF#2 ordered the Pub Fires (and the spinach salad).  Oh are they sinful.  They are fries that are covered with cheese and bacon and served with ranch dressing.  They were so good.
We had a great fun day.  Not much stitching got done but that's okay.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Lining and Woof

It is a pleasant day outside.  Walking was great.  I have to remind myself to appreciate this weather where I don't even have to wear a coat.  It is officially summer now.  I'm a little sad as the daylight now starts to to shorten.  I love it when it stays light until after 9:30 at night.  I am getting ready for our trip next week to see the grandchildren (and Son#2 and DIL!)  I made up the little fabric book that I got in Minnesota for Evan.

The printing could have been more exact on this.  The pages aren't the same size and it was impossible to make the book perfect.  But I guess it is close enough.

I also lined the wonderful burlwood box from the retreat.  The top edge of the box needs to be painted black.  I think I have some paint downstairs that will work.

 It isn't perfect either.  I learned the hard way that I needed to lace the short sides first and then the long sides so no little fold would show.  I need to redo the top inside lining so that it fits snugly.
BFF#2 and I are going to Stitching Bits and Bobs tomorrow so I may not get a chance to post.  I haven't been there in a long time.  It's always fun to go to a needlework store.

Monday, June 20, 2016


I'm sweating today.  It was 78 degrees when I went walking this morning.  Whew, that is as hot as it was in Arizona early in the morning.  I usually don't sweat much but today I'm "dewy".
The bathrooms are clean and I can work on other stuff.
I finished up my parasol.  It was a lot of work but I learned some things.  I did a new-to-me stitch to join the base pieces together.

Now I made a mistake with the right/wrong side of the fabric.

I used the wrong side on the lining to the top and the hinge.  But I decided I liked the right side better.  So I used the right side on all the other pieces.  I don't think it looks too bad.  In fact, you might think that it is the way it supposed to be.  Really!   I haven't done a lot of rushing of ribbon so I got some practice doing that.  I used a different design than the designer so my parasol is unique and different than the other ones in class.
Overall, I'm happy with it.
This is what it is supposed to look like:
Keep cool.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Accidental Trip Roundup

I flew back home from Arizona last Monday.  It was hard to leave BFF#2 at the airport.  She flew to a different state on a different airline in a different terminal.  So after we returned the rental car, we had to say goodbye.  I wish I could have helped her get situated on her plane, but I couldn't.  With one arm in a sling, it must have been hard.  She didn't even get home until 1 a.m.  She is a trooper, never complaining.  I would be devastated if I couldn't stitch.

There are a few things I forgot to tell you about the retreat.  One the second day of class we came in to find this bonus design at each of our places. 

 It is darling.  Each of us got an old silver spoon to make into a pin cushion.  Darling!  This is mine:

I really want to start this soon.  It won't take long to stitch.

When I was on the plane to Arizona, I worked on Just Nan's Groom Mouse.  I got it mostly done but I didn't have any stuffing for him until I got back home.  Now he is done.

Here are the Bride and Groom together:

The retreat was more fun this year since I knew a lot more of the attendees.  I have met many of the attendees at other retreats.  Some of them I remember from last year.  Note to self:  Take a group photo next year.

Delfi - you are a no-reply so I can not contact you. I bought summer and winter kits but not autumn.

Twinkling lights at night at the resort.
The view from our room's window.  Not that great a view but you can see a little of a mountain.

I'll show you my parasol tomorrow.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Accidental Trip Day Five

Classes are over and we are invited out to Rae's today.  First we have to take friends to the airport.  The drive to the airport is so easy on a Sunday morning when there is no traffic.  We drop off our friends and go to breakfast at the bagel place.  I'm the driver now.  As we are eating breakfast the news is on about the shootings in Orlando.  It is terrible.
We go back to our room and relax.  We thought about going to the musical instrument museum but we decide to just do stuff in the room.  I work on my parasol.  I get a call from Son#2 and get a chance to talk to Claire for a few minutes.  She is such a joy and I will see her in two weeks.
We drive out to Rae's.  It is an hour drive with a couple of detours for construction.  Man, the Phoenix area is a big place with so many suburbs.  We have good directions and make it despite my driving.
Quite a few of the retreat people are here.  It is fun to see all the things at Rae's.  We love this rooster.

She has all her models in a case.
I love this pottery.
The men are cooking chicken on the grill.  I think the dog is helping too.

Rae is into quilts too.  BFF#2 and I see a darling quilt that we both have the pattern to make it.  Isn't this bag nicely done?

It is fun to talk to friends and make new friends.

Mary shows us how to stand up as taught in her Yoga class for the old and infirm (not really the name of the class, but close).  Rae has a dog.  This is challenging for me as I'm afraid of dogs but I know her dog is harmless and will not hurt me. She does slobber a bit on me though.
Rae makes dinner for all of us.  I think it is too much work for her especially considering that she lead the retreat for two days.  It is a very nice spread.

I ate a ton of cheese and crackers.
We stayed longer than we meant to.  It is fun and we both hope to be here again next year.
Back to the resort for one more night.
It is now or never.  I brought my swimsuit that I haven't worn in a couple of decades.  I put it on. luckily the elastic has not turned to powder.  I actually go into the pool.

 I can't swim but I do dog paddle a bit.  BFF#2 was going to go swimming too but that was before she broke her elbow.
There is no movie tonight to go to sleep to.  It is nice and quiet.  Home tomorrow.