Thursday, April 24, 2014

Almost Done

The quilt is almost done.  It worked out to quilt every other strip.  I'm not a quilter by any means but I know he won't be picky.  So if you don't look closely, it looks great!  I am in the process of hand sewing down the under side of the binding.  I'm about half way round.  This is close to being done.  I'm going to take it with me to Indy and finish it so I can give it to Dylan on Monday.  I like finding a relatively quick way to make a quilt.  I would do this again - hopefully without the mistakes.

I mainly worked on the quilt yesterday but I got a few stitches in on Shepherd's Fold.  Two slightly altered sheep have appeared
.I have to finish packing, BFF will be here soon and we'll be off to Indy.  I'm a lucky duck.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Off With the Mermaid

I got the frame I ordered yesterday.  That was pretty quick. American Frame always packages their frames very well.   I will use the same box to send it off the the new baby.  Boy does ironing make a big difference with how the birth announcement looks.  I think it turned out nicely.

Looking at it all done assures me that the mermaid adds sweetness to the design.  I'm glad I kept it in.  I stopped at the Post Office on my way home from exercise this morning and sent it off.

I am so lazy.  I just put in the first quilting on Dylan's quilt this morning.  I am not real sure how many of the seams (stitch in the ditch) that I will quilt.  Right now I'm thinking every other strip.  But we'll see.  I want to try my walking foot and see if that is a good way to quilt.  I'm kind of impatient and I want to go fast.  I'm not sure how fast I can sew with the walking foot.

I got some more done on  Shepherd's Fold.  It is fun to change it up.

 Well, it is only fun if I like how it turns out.  I cut off the bird's tail and I'm going to make the sheep legs shorter.  I'm just tweaking it here and there.
I have to get ready as BFF and I go to Indy tomorrow for "Cottage Conservatory" and "Mistress L's Band Sampler" with Lauren Sauer.  It will be so fun!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I Changed My Mind

Well, as I was working on the Drawn Thread pocket I discovered that I had made a mistake in the very first flower and everything was off.  What to do?  Leave it?  Take it out?  After thinking about it for a few minutes, I decided to take it all out.  I didn't like all the blue in the substituted thread.  So I choose another color thread for the vine.  Here is what it used to look like:

Here is what it looks like now:

A one shade lighter green would probably be better but I can live with this.

Then I wanted to start the Shepherd's Fold but I did some doodling as I don't like the lettering.  I printed out a new font on  I tried stitching it with the recommended colors.

For some reason it just doesn't look right to me.  It looks too commercial or something.
 So I dug out an ancient favorite font from an old (May/June 1986) Cross Stitch and Country Crafts.

 I've stitched the front wedding thing as a pillow many times.  I was thinking of stitching it again as Son#1 is getting married later this year.  The personalization alphabet with this design is just a tiny chart in the bottom corner of the page.  

You can barely read it.  So anyway, I took that alphabet and graphed out "My Heart is Full" (instead of "A Full Heart").
 I also used one of the darker greens for the top vine.  I have altered the shape of the house.  It looked a bit like an industrial building instead of a cottage so I changed it up a bit.  I've got my fingers crossed that it turns out.  I may have to do some frogging.
I got a couple more bumps done on the carnation petals.
Dylan was great.  We are celebrating his birthday next week.  We are going to make icing and put it on brownies.  Yum.
Have a fun Tuesday!

Sunday, April 20, 2014


The word of the day is green.
Here I am with the quilt:

 ready to quilt the top and bind the edges.  I've washed and ironed the top and backing.  I've watched a couple of YouTube videos on doing the binding.  I pinned the top, batting and backing together and I am ready to quilt.  But I need some green thread that matches the backing material.  I don't have the right green color.  Rats.  Everything is closed today since it is Easter so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to get some.

I got another few rows of detached buttonhole stitched.  This is going kind of s l o w l y.  I guess I should aim to get one hump a day stitched.

On the Drawn Thread pocket, I've gone rogue.  The two green flosses on this are very close together.  I used them both on the top design.  You can hardly tell them apart.

So when it came to the latest "spot"  I grabbed a different color.

I used some Gloriana Winter Woods.  I hope I haven't ruined it.  I guess it's my way of personalizing this.

I can't wait to see Claire this afternoon (via Facetime).  Maybe we'll get to see her open her Easter stuff.  This Easter I haven't eaten three packages of chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies.  No jelly beans. No circus peanuts.  But it's okay, I have lots of fun stuff to do.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Quilt Top

I got the quilt top sewn together.

It looks good.  Now I am going to go back to YouTube and see how I should add the sashings.  I could just do what seems logical as I've made quilts in the past.  But I want to see what is recommended.  Can I get this done today?  I kind of doubt it.  But I need to get started on it.

I got about ten rows of detached buttonhole done on the carnation of Spring Casket Keepsakes.  I hope I'm not mucking it up too much!

I worked a bit on the back of the Drawn Thread pocket.  It is fun to do just a small square of a certain stitch.  This is sort of like a spot sampler.

It is supposed to be a stellar day today, in the 70's.  I want to make a pineapple upside down cake using an angel food cake mix.  How bad can that be?

Friday, April 18, 2014

What YouTube Didn't Tell Me

I started the Jelly Roll Race quilt yesterday.  I was proud of myself when I got all the strips sewn together.  Wow, that is one humongous strip.

I tried to follow exactly what I saw on YouTube.  I took each strip as it came off of the jelly roll.  I sewed them in a consistent manner.  But what I discovered was that every other strip was sewn the wrong way.  The YouTube video didn't tell me about how to sew the strips together.  ARGH.  So I had to go back and take out the stitching and restitch the strip so that there was a right side and a wrong side on the entire strip.

So finally I was able to start the second strip sew-together.  This whole quilt was supposed to be very fast to stitch, like 45 minutes.  It took more than 45 minutes to correct my mistakes.  Let's hope it goes better from here.

I got all the couching done on one half of the carnation.  So then I started the detached buttonhole.  My challenge is to keep the stitches nice and even.   I think it will look better as I go along.  The cornflower has many smaller petals so it will be easier to stitch when I get it.

I ordered the frame for the birth announcement.  I think they usually send me a tracking number so I'll know when to expect it.
The weather is lovely today.  It is so nice to have a warm sunny day!

Thursday, April 17, 2014


The birth announcement is all done.  There is one spot that I wanted to put something.  But I couldn't find something to put there.

I found a starfish chart but I would have had to stitch it over one and it wasn't the same style of design.  I also have a red starfish charm I could put there but I'm just going to leave it blank and hope it looks okay.

  It will need a 7 by 14 inch frame which is not standard.  So I plan to order that today from American Frame.  They send stuff right away and the price is right.

I couched vintage metal thread yesterday on the Spring Casket Keepsake carnation.  The good news is that I'm almost done.  The bad news is that I have a whole other one to do.

 Once I get the metal thread couched there is more thread couched around the outside. Then I can do the detached buttonhole.  So I hope to finished the scaffolding for buttonhole stitches today.

Tidbit:  We saw a darling new design pocket from Cynthia (The Drawn Thread) at Spring Fling.  It is supposed to have a matching scissors case.  She is hoping to release it in May.  Put my name on the list, I want one!