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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tomorrow's Another Day

I learned the phrase "tomorrow's another day" from Sister Anthonita.  She was one of our teachers in Montessori training and a legend.  It is a good phrase to use with children to remind them that they will have other chances at other times. Each day is a clean slate to try again.   It doesn't hurt for me to remember that too.

 I was feeling discouraged yesterday.  I finished the stitching of the Madras pin keep and was trying to put it together.  I really was trying to follow the directions.  It is very small.  Less than an inch wide and less than two inches tall.  I trimmed the edges down to a quarter inch all around.  It says to just put a card inside but I wanted some batting. So I cut a couple of pieces of warm and natural to layer in it.  It would have been better to have bigger seam allowances so I could lace the linen on the card.  I whip stitched the front and back backstitches together.  It looked a little messy.  So then I whipped the second set of backstitches together as per the instructions.  Messy.  So I took them out.  I thought I would try twisted cording around it.  So now I've attached (but not ended) twisted cord around it.

But since pins are supposed to go in the edge, I'm not sure cording is a good idea.  Last night I was ready to throw it away and start over.  Now that I look at it this morning, it doesn't look so bad.  If I made it over again, I would add a line of long arm cross stitch just outside the double backstitching and use that to join the sides. Since there are other pieces in this project, I think I'll do the edges differently.  The jury is still out on whether to toss this and try again.
I finished the crown on Edinburgh Etui and started the other side.

I'll get some more done on this today.
The weather is awful again.  It was snowing when I got up.  Now it has turned to freezing rain.  The weather man has promised 40 degrees today.  We'll see. . . .

Monday, March 2, 2015


I got just a bit more done on the crown of the Edinburgh Etui.

Then I wanted something different.  I was reminded of the Madras things designed by Jackie duPlessis.  She is having a "Madras March" where she is selling some of her Madras kits.  Well, I had started one of the Madras projects that was in Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly (Fall 2012).

 It has been languishing in the corner of my sewing room on a frame.  It was recommended to be done on a frame.  Since it was 36 count linen over one mostly, I complied.  But then I deserted this project and it has been in the corner for a very long time.  Like years.  Probably since the Fall of 2012.  I decided that in my old age I can work it anyway I want.  So I took it off the frame and worked on it in hand.  I had the front done and the back was 3/4 done.  I finished off the back border in pretty good time.

 Hey, this is going well.  So I wanted to start the next page but I couldn't find it (story of my life).  It had become separated from the center of the magazine.  So then I decided to start the pin keep.  It is going well.

  Then I found the missing pages (somebody upstairs likes me).  I want to keep going on this as I really like the design.  Jackie has just designed a carry-all for this.  Cool.  I ordered it.  There is another matching project in Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly called Indian Ink Needlebook (Fall 2010).  It has a scrim on the front that I am hoping to get.

The bathrooms are clean.  The walking is done.  Now to work on the pinkeep.  Can I get it done by tomorrow?  I bet I can.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Traveler

I'm pretty proud of myself for getting The Traveler all done.  I changed some things and am happy with the results.

I decided to close the top with a ribbon and mother of pearl ring.

The pearl cotton is working well for holding the little spools.

It was actually way more work than it looks like.  But it's done!  Yeah!

I got half of the bottom band of  the Edinburgh Etui done.

 Now I know I can do the other half.  If I concentrate on this project it will be done very soon, this week even.

What's next?  Well, The Traveler is a companion piece to September Morning that I took at Williamsburg.  Maybe I should work on that.  I'll have to think about it.
On Shepherd's Bush blog I saw some interesting things that have been released at Nashville.  Blackbird has some neat designs.
Today is my favorite aunt's birthday.  Happy Birthday Aunt Mary!  You are the best!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Crown Me

I got one more thistle stitched and worked my way over to the crown.  That was when I realized that the crown is all worked over one.  But hey, I like crowns so much that I don't even care!   I would like to get this band half done today but that is asking a lot.  We'll see. . .

The Traveler is so almost done.  I finished stitching the inside pocket and sewed it on.

Then I started sewing the two panels together.  It went pretty well but it is fiddly.  I'm so glad I have a handy dandy pair of pliers to help.

 But the question  remains, where do the magnets go?  I vaguely remember something about them holding the scissors in.  I think the purse needs a little help staying more or less closed.  I like the handles on the inside instead of the outside.

 I tried using the ribbon to hold the little spools but it sags a bit and I couldn't get it to go through the small hole in the side.

 I think I'll use pearl cotton and a bead instead and maybe put a ribbon bow on each side.

It is still frigid here.  Minus six this morning.  We are hoping for a 40 degree day on Tuesday.  It was fun to peruse the Attic's latest newsletter today.  I am hoping to see some posts about the Nashville market also.  I more that just a snipet of those With Thy Needle and Thread designs.

Friday, February 27, 2015


I got a thistle done!  It turned out pretty well.  I have two more thistles and three shamrocks for this side of the etui.  I really want to stitch the crown so I'm going to work my way over there today.  This project is going well.

I worked a bit on The Traveler.  I would really like to finish this off today.  If  I worked on it all day, I know I could get it done.  I changed my mind in the middle of stitching this.  Maybe I'll put flowers in all four corners and my initial in the middle.

I got some more done on the large motif on Friesland.

Four of the macarons disappeared yesterday and there are bites out of the other two.  They won't last long either.  It is another very cold day today, -10 when I got up.  UGH.  Three weeks until spring officially arrives - and three weeks until Betsy's class.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Rose is a Rose

I just realized that I misspelled "idiot" in the post title yesterday.  How ironic is that?  I'm not even going to fix it.

I stitched a rose on the Edinburgh Etui.

 It went pretty well. I'm pretty happy with it.

I have to look at it with new eyes today and see if it needs any fixing.  I'd sort of like to have some yellow french knots in the middle.
Today I want to stitch a thistle and see how that goes.

I got a good start on the large motif on Friesland.

I worked out a design for the inside pocket of  The Traveler.

 So close to being done!
We have a new grocery store in town so I had to stop by this morning to check it out.  It says it has fresh, local and organic food.  They forgot to say expensive!  But it is fun to have new and interesting things available.  They even had macarons in their bakery.

 I got one of each flavor.  We'll see how long they last.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I'm an Idiotc, Chapter 23

I've been calling my latest project Elizabethan Etui.  That is not it's name.  I don't know why I made that mistake.  Thank you Sandra for setting me straight.  This project is actually named the Edinburgh Etui.

 I took this class at Salty Yarns (I love Salty Yarns!) last June along with the Edinburgh Reticule.  I finished the Reticule but hadn't touched the Etui until now.  I finished up the other side of the scissors fob yesterday and started the bottom band.

 It is going better (faster!) than I thought it would.  I worry about being able to do  the thistles and roses.  Betsy has kindly included charts so you can do cross stitch or embroidery for those motifs.  I really want to try the embroidery.  I need to reread her page of directions on how to do it.  I know we practised a little - last June.  I need to refresh my memory on this.

I put some parts of  The Traveler together yesterday.  I finished up stitching the second handle.  I decided that I wanted the handles to  be sewn between the front and the back panels instead of on the front.  They were supposed to have these mother of pearl rings on them.  I'll do something else with the rings.  Then I decided to sew the sides to the front. There are some magnets in the kit but I forget where they go.

 Now all that needs to be stitched is that inside pocket before I can sew the panels together and be done.  I need to get that pocket started today.

I barely started a large motif on Friesland.  I will get more done on that today too.

It is still very cold here but we are getting used to it.  What a glorious day it will be when we hit 50 degrees!  But that won't happen this month.  I was dismayed to realize that Daylight Savings Time starts March 8th.  UGH.