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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Egg

I really wanted to start one of these eggs:
So I got out all the stuff.  I traced the pieces on to some cardstock and cut them out.  Then I traced those pieces on some paper backed stitch witchery like stuff.   Then I had to sort what to iron on to what color of wool felt.  I ironed them on and then had to cut them out.  Yes, this is quite a process.  Then I had to sew them on.  Sewing through three layers of backed felt was sometimes challenging.  But I got one side of one egg done.  That's when I read the directions on putting the eggs together.  The lady sews them on the machine.  Which means I should have left a seam allowance when I cut them out.  ARGH.  I guess I'll be sewing this one together by hand.  But this was my first experimental egg and it looks like the picture so that's good.
Three more sides to go.
Now more tracing, ironing, cutting and sewing.  I have to be in the mood!
So glad to see Dancing with The Stars is on again.  I so enjoy that show. 
Yes, the new dishwasher was installed yesterday.  I don't think we have a rinse and hold on it but whatever. 
I confess I did not walk this morning because it was raining and I overslept and I am a lazy good for nothing. 

Monday, September 18, 2017


It is now time for confetti.  I swear the design has one stitch of one color in each of the 10 by 10 blocks.  It takes forever to put them in.  But I can now start to see what the page is looking like.  It also will be nice to start a new page.

And look at how much I have done!  That is a lot of work, my friends.
I'm not showing you the back because it is such a mess.  You don't want to know.
The bathrooms are clean.  The walking is done.  It is pretty dark when I start out in the morning.  Fall starts on Friday.

 Glory Hallelujah, the dishwasher is supposed to be delivered this afternoon!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Tudor Rose

I picked up the Amy Mitten kit I bought on Ebay a while back.  This is the part I'm working on:

I put a few more stitches in it.  I goofed though.  I was supposed to do long armed cross but I forgot and just did cross stitches across the bottom.  Right now, I don't feel like taking it out.  Who will ever know?

I got to the point where I could begin the lady and the man which are over one.  Each section of this chart is a challenge so I like that you just do one section at a time and not worry about the other sections.  It's not overwhelming that way.

I saw the next sampler in Amy Mitten's Around the World series and I like it.  My BFF#2 orders the samplers for the group and I can be part of her group.  The kits aren't shipped until late October.  Can I get Tudor Rose done by then?  Probably not, but we'll see.

My mother's husband died last week.  He was such a good man with a wonderful sense of humor.  He was born in 1929, at the beginning of the Great Depression.   He had many stories to tell of how they survived those times.  Old age had been very cruel to him so I'm glad is no longer suffers.  I salute you, Charles Hamilton, you were one of the best people ever.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Now Where Was I?

It is hard to settle down after going on a trip.  I don't even remember where I was and what I was working on.  The big pile on my footstool is a good reminder however.

I got my Colour and Cotton floss of the month.

Nice colors.

I don't think I showed you a good photo of the quilt kit I got.  I opened it up and starting reading the instructions.

I think I can do it.

I got the Threadwork Primitives pin wheel all stitched.  I need to finish it off.  I have to go fabric diving to find a nice backing fabric.

I went walking this morning.  The park was getting ready for a run so there were a lot of people there and the road was blocked off.  Luckily I got my walk in before any more craziness.  I went to the Farmer's Market.  Fewer tables this week but I found what I was looking for.  And I got a cinnamon roll.
And now for a stitchy Saturday . . . .

Friday, September 15, 2017

Road Trip to Madison 4

Sunday was our last class and the one I really wanted to learn how to make.  It was a Stumpwork caterpillar.
This will be a great addition to my casket.
The kit came in a darling clear paint can.  (I put my wren in it for display)

And we got some more chocolates!

The kit was really put together well with all the ingredients for the two caterpillars organized into bags.

We were working with the perfect thread for caterpillars, Very Velvet. It is a little fuzzy.  Luckily Lynn's carried some in the store and I bought some other colors.  It was fascinating to see how it was put together.  We used some specialty stitches but they weren't hard at all.  The teacher wanted us to know how to put in the ribbon, floss and bead decorations and how to make the head and the tail.  It was a small class and we got lots of attention from the teacher.  Would you believe everyone finished her caterpillar?  When you finished your caterpillar, you had to give him a name.  I called mine "Jimmy".  Then the teacher took a picture of you and your caterpillar.
We all worked very hard and started the baby caterpillar.  I finished mine.  He is so cute.

When I got home I bought some more supplies and made two more.

Special thanks to Polly for arranging these classes and providing a large assortment of snacks.
 Usually Sunday classes are done early but we worked until 5:30.
BFF#2 and I drove home after class.  We got home somewhere around midnight so it was a long day.  Chicago traffic sucks and I wasn't even driving.  We stopped at Beloit and got some "car food".  That is snacks to eat while we were driving.  Not the healthiest dinner there is.  BFF#2 dared me to eat just one Cheeto.  And I did.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Road Trip to Madison 3

On Saturday we went to our first class.  It was held at Lynn's of Madison.  Our class was small but that was a big plus.  We got lots of attention and help from the teacher.  Now, I have to admit that I had doubts about this class.  All I knew was that it was a round pin cushion with some ribbon decoration around the edge.  No cross stitching at all.  What is there to it?  Just seam two circles together and there you go.  I was so wrong.  There was a lot to learn about this project.  It was much more complex.

First, the kit came in a nifty container.  What a cool box!

I loved the class but it was really challenging.  I learned about using hand dyed silk ribbon woven on the bias.  There was velvet, crinoline, sequins, beads and roving as well as two magnets in it.  I never thought I could get a pin cushion stuffed that tightly.

 We got some great tools.  I never heard of using a porcupine quill.  What a handy tool!  One end can be an awl, the other can help stuff and tuck and many other things.  You can file off the end like a fingernail.

 We got a variety of needles.  We used a new kind of beading thread that I like much more than Nymo.

And to help us keep our energy up and encourage us, we got chocolate in a very nice package.

During break times, we got to shop at Lynn's.  She had a framed Death by Cross Stitch on her wall.  Oh my, was it fabulous.

The teacher was fabulous.  She was very helpful and answered our questions completely.  The directions were nicely illustrated and very complete.  The kit was put together perfectly.  I finished the pin cushion shortly after I got home.  I'm very happy with it.  I'm actually impressed that I did it.

As you can see, I'm using it too.
After class a group of us went out for pizza for dinner in the hip college area.

It was a great day.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Road Trip to Madison 2

We came a bit early to Madison because of the Quilt Expo.  We wanted to check it out.  We had never been. I couldn't believe all the people that were there.  Bus loads of women, it was amazing. It was interesting to what was there. We signed up for a Needle Turn Applique class.  The class started at 9.  We found the arena and got to class.  I brought along a kit that I was stuck on and needed to know how to applique some flower petals that were pretty skinny.  The teacher was patient and helpful.

  I found out one very important detail.  The applique shape should be traced on the right side of the fabric so you can see it!  Duh.  I didn't know that.  I liked the teacher's set up.  She had a camera that showed on a screen so we could all see how she did the sewing.

 I sewed on two petals while I was there.

 Boy, this will help me finish this project.  It was noon when we were finished with class.  We stood in line a long time to get something to eat.    I decided just to get a hot dog.  I was chomping at the bit to get to the booths selling stuff.  I found some great stuff.  There was a most darling quilt kit that looked easy.  I couldn't resist.

There was a booth with a lady sitting there embroidering.  I loved the bowl of gorgeous embroidered eggs and bought the pattern and some felt and some thread.

 I later found out that I had bought the lady's tape measure kit on Etsy and made it a while back.

 She was the actual designer of the pattern.  So it was great to meet her in person.
That booth also had the Sue Spargo thread that will be useful in the class we are taking next month.

We also looked briefly at the quilts on display.

 I saw the Sue Spargo quilt that we will be stitching a block of.  It was way smaller that I realized.  But very cute.

That evening we went to a lecture from Stacey Thoyre who was our teacher for the weekend classes.  She talked about embroidery at the Burrell Collection.  That is a museum in Glasgow that I went to on my tour.  She was very interesting and we very much enjoyed the lecture.  After it was over we went out to eat at a place called Johnny's.  Oh my was the food good!  The only bad part was the awful music playing too loud.
This was a very full and busy day but lots of fun.  I had a sneaking suspicion that I already had that egg pattern.  When I got home, I found it.
I'll just give one to my BFF#2.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Road Trip to Madison

I am back from a most marvelous trip.  We (my BFF#2 and I) started out last Thursday on our way driving to Madison, Wisconsin.  Von asked me what projects I took with me for this trip.  I took three.
All had a small start on them but were easy stitches to work when the light may not be the greatest.

Not a lot of stitching was done on the trip.  We were too busy!
It is a long drive so to break it up we stopped at several places along the way.  Our first stop a few hours in was The Inspired Needle.  They were still getting the shop back to normal after the St. Charles Needlework Galleria.  It is so fun for me to shop at a good needlework store.
Lots of threads.
Then we had lunch nearby at Rustic Knead.  Very good sandwiches.
Not too far away, our next stop was Tomorrow's Heirlooms.
There was a ton of stuff in a small space.  You could spend a long time just going through everything they had.  But we had to move on.

Two needlework stores in one day, that is the definition of hog heaven for me.
These are the things I bought:

So on to Madison we went.  We got there late in the afternoon.  BFF#2 has a gold card so we checked into the hotel and went to see what snacks they had in the concierge room.  We were hungry and the pot stickers and baby spinach quiches were delicious.
Then we met friends at an Italian restaurant.  I had the walleye but could only eat part of it.  It was great.
We were so poop we just went to bed when we got back to the hotel.  What a fun day!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


I bought a handkerchief on Ebay.  It came in the mail yesterday - clear from Thailand.  I have an older friend who goes to the Y.  Her grandfather owned a lace factory in Swatow, China.  She showed me a couple of the handkerchiefs she had that came from her grandfather's factory.  They were stitched by women in their homes, a cottage industry.  The workmanship is amazing.  I wanted to have a souvenir Swatow handkerchief.
Here it the one I bought:
It is in very good condition and only has two small spots.  I think I will try washing it with Fels Naptha soap.  These are large photos that you can click on.

You can see the pencil marks tracings that the woman used for stitching this.

It really is amazing stitching on gauzy material.
I think it would look great in a nice frame.

I'm mostly packed for tomorrow's trip.  I'm taking a Needle Turn Applique class on Friday morning in connection with the Quilt Expo that is in Madison.  I have a Yoko Saito kit that I would like to finish and I'm kind of stuck doing the applique.  Hopefully, this will help.
It will be fun!
See you next week.