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Wednesday, September 6, 2017


I bought a handkerchief on Ebay.  It came in the mail yesterday - clear from Thailand.  I have an older friend who goes to the Y.  Her grandfather owned a lace factory in Swatow, China.  She showed me a couple of the handkerchiefs she had that came from her grandfather's factory.  They were stitched by women in their homes, a cottage industry.  The workmanship is amazing.  I wanted to have a souvenir Swatow handkerchief.
Here it the one I bought:
It is in very good condition and only has two small spots.  I think I will try washing it with Fels Naptha soap.  These are large photos that you can click on.

You can see the pencil marks tracings that the woman used for stitching this.

It really is amazing stitching on gauzy material.
I think it would look great in a nice frame.

I'm mostly packed for tomorrow's trip.  I'm taking a Needle Turn Applique class on Friday morning in connection with the Quilt Expo that is in Madison.  I have a Yoko Saito kit that I would like to finish and I'm kind of stuck doing the applique.  Hopefully, this will help.
It will be fun!
See you next week.