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Sunday, September 3, 2017

My Own Private Stitchmaynia

One day I just decided to start stuff.  There were several things I wanted to begin.  This is the first one:

This was a Silver Needle With a Little Help From Our Friends club kit.  It had two strawberry designs.  I bravely started one a while back on gauze.

 I was not happy with it and it was taking forever.  The background all had to be done and it wasn't looking even.  I decided to just scrap that start and begin anew using linen.   So I took the gauze out of the embroidery hoop and looked for the linen and threads that came with the kit.  It has been too long and I couldn't find the linen or the threads.  I was not to be deterred however.  I went stash diving and found the called for threads.  I decided to use the chestnut linen that I used on Erica Michael's Quaker Berry.
This time around the stitching went much better - and easier.

Now I have to finish it.  I ironed it.

I drew around the berry pattern with a yellow chalk pencil and cut it out.

I sewed the back seam on my sewing machine.

I turned it right side out.

I'm ready to do the running stitch at the top and then stuff it.  I'm hoping to finish-finish it today.

It is a lovely day here.  Wishing you a happy Sunday.


  1. Beautiful (Linda, the designer behind Erica Michaels) has many beautiful strawberries and does a great shop with her finishing instructions

  2. It looks great on Linen.