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Friday, September 15, 2017

Road Trip to Madison 4

Sunday was our last class and the one I really wanted to learn how to make.  It was a Stumpwork caterpillar.
This will be a great addition to my casket.
The kit came in a darling clear paint can.  (I put my wren in it for display)

And we got some more chocolates!

The kit was really put together well with all the ingredients for the two caterpillars organized into bags.

We were working with the perfect thread for caterpillars, Very Velvet. It is a little fuzzy.  Luckily Lynn's carried some in the store and I bought some other colors.  It was fascinating to see how it was put together.  We used some specialty stitches but they weren't hard at all.  The teacher wanted us to know how to put in the ribbon, floss and bead decorations and how to make the head and the tail.  It was a small class and we got lots of attention from the teacher.  Would you believe everyone finished her caterpillar?  When you finished your caterpillar, you had to give him a name.  I called mine "Jimmy".  Then the teacher took a picture of you and your caterpillar.
We all worked very hard and started the baby caterpillar.  I finished mine.  He is so cute.

When I got home I bought some more supplies and made two more.

Special thanks to Polly for arranging these classes and providing a large assortment of snacks.
 Usually Sunday classes are done early but we worked until 5:30.
BFF#2 and I drove home after class.  We got home somewhere around midnight so it was a long day.  Chicago traffic sucks and I wasn't even driving.  We stopped at Beloit and got some "car food".  That is snacks to eat while we were driving.  Not the healthiest dinner there is.  BFF#2 dared me to eat just one Cheeto.  And I did.

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