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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Road Trip to Madison 2

We came a bit early to Madison because of the Quilt Expo.  We wanted to check it out.  We had never been. I couldn't believe all the people that were there.  Bus loads of women, it was amazing. It was interesting to what was there. We signed up for a Needle Turn Applique class.  The class started at 9.  We found the arena and got to class.  I brought along a kit that I was stuck on and needed to know how to applique some flower petals that were pretty skinny.  The teacher was patient and helpful.

  I found out one very important detail.  The applique shape should be traced on the right side of the fabric so you can see it!  Duh.  I didn't know that.  I liked the teacher's set up.  She had a camera that showed on a screen so we could all see how she did the sewing.

 I sewed on two petals while I was there.

 Boy, this will help me finish this project.  It was noon when we were finished with class.  We stood in line a long time to get something to eat.    I decided just to get a hot dog.  I was chomping at the bit to get to the booths selling stuff.  I found some great stuff.  There was a most darling quilt kit that looked easy.  I couldn't resist.

There was a booth with a lady sitting there embroidering.  I loved the bowl of gorgeous embroidered eggs and bought the pattern and some felt and some thread.

 I later found out that I had bought the lady's tape measure kit on Etsy and made it a while back.

 She was the actual designer of the pattern.  So it was great to meet her in person.
That booth also had the Sue Spargo thread that will be useful in the class we are taking next month.

We also looked briefly at the quilts on display.

 I saw the Sue Spargo quilt that we will be stitching a block of.  It was way smaller that I realized.  But very cute.

That evening we went to a lecture from Stacey Thoyre who was our teacher for the weekend classes.  She talked about embroidery at the Burrell Collection.  That is a museum in Glasgow that I went to on my tour.  She was very interesting and we very much enjoyed the lecture.  After it was over we went out to eat at a place called Johnny's.  Oh my was the food good!  The only bad part was the awful music playing too loud.
This was a very full and busy day but lots of fun.  I had a sneaking suspicion that I already had that egg pattern.  When I got home, I found it.
I'll just give one to my BFF#2.


  1. If BFF#2 doesn't want it then your new BFF#3 is interested in buying it from you.

  2. Quilt shows are always so much fun.
    It's amazing what some people design.
    Those Eggs look beautiful.

  3. It looks like a fantastic show. I'd love the name of the Etsy store for the felt projects. They look like a lot of fun.