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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Egg

I really wanted to start one of these eggs:
So I got out all the stuff.  I traced the pieces on to some cardstock and cut them out.  Then I traced those pieces on some paper backed stitch witchery like stuff.   Then I had to sort what to iron on to what color of wool felt.  I ironed them on and then had to cut them out.  Yes, this is quite a process.  Then I had to sew them on.  Sewing through three layers of backed felt was sometimes challenging.  But I got one side of one egg done.  That's when I read the directions on putting the eggs together.  The lady sews them on the machine.  Which means I should have left a seam allowance when I cut them out.  ARGH.  I guess I'll be sewing this one together by hand.  But this was my first experimental egg and it looks like the picture so that's good.
Three more sides to go.
Now more tracing, ironing, cutting and sewing.  I have to be in the mood!
So glad to see Dancing with The Stars is on again.  I so enjoy that show. 
Yes, the new dishwasher was installed yesterday.  I don't think we have a rinse and hold on it but whatever. 
I confess I did not walk this morning because it was raining and I overslept and I am a lazy good for nothing. 


  1. Amy, you are NOT a lazy good for nothing!! That made me chuckle. See you this weekend!!