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Friday, September 1, 2017


Someone asked me to show my Stitcher's tape.  This roll was given to me by a kind and  generous friend.

I think it is archival.  Which means what?  I think it means it is not acidic or won't harm your fabric.  Or maybe it means that it will last a long time and not get crunchy like regular tape.  The actual answer is that I don't know what it means.
Basically, it is heavy duty double stick tape in a larger size than fits my automatic tape gun (ATG).  It has been very useful in finishing.

This tape is used by framers and is kind of expensive.

I got an order from Colour and Cotton.  She was discontinuing some of her floss colors so I ordered some that I liked.
I just got notification that my monthly order of Colour and Cotton floss has been sent so I'll get 6 more skeins soon.  Like I need more floss.  But a stitcher always needs more floss.  I just need a better way to store it.  Well, actually, I need to get a bunch of floss off my sewing room floor.  I sort of like having it all around me though.  How weird is that?


  1. Thanks for sharing tape info! Floss everywhere is my kinda deal too. Very inspired by all the colors.

  2. Looks like a great tape.
    The flosses are so pretty.
    Having the floss all around you means you really enjoy your hobby!