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Saturday, September 2, 2017

A Tale of Woe

I have a sad tale.  My aged dishwasher gave up the ghost a while back.  That means I am washing my dishes by hand.  Last week however, DH and I went and picked out a new dishwasher.  We got a very nice Bosch one and scheduled the delivery for yesterday.  We were anticipating the arrival of the new dishwasher in the afternoon.  About the middle of the afternoon the truck showed up.  Yeah!  But the news was not good.  Our brand new fancy-dancy dishwasher will not fit into the space designated for it.  In fact, we can not even get the old one out.  When we tiled the kitchen floor a couple years ago, the floor ended up about a quarter to a half an inch higher.  Oh my, what to do?  Our choices are to break up two tiles in front of the dishwasher and/or choose a different brand of dishwasher that will fit our space.  DH was determined to get the old dishwasher out and not to destroy the floor.  So he worked and worked on it.  He even cut the old dishwasher up to try and wedge it out.   My DH is a formidable foe. He did it.  He got the old dishwasher out of it's space.  But now we have to wait.  It is Labor Day weekend and the store we got the Bosch dishwasher at is not open until Tuesday.  So we have to choose another brand of dishwasher and try again on Tuesday.  To be continued . . .

On a happier note:  This coming week BFF#2 and I are off on an adventure in Madison, Wisconsin.  We are attending a lecture and taking a couple of classes with Stacey Thorye.  We are making a pin cushion and a stumpwork caterpillar.

So I will be gone for a few days starting on Thursday.  We hope to see a quilt exhibition while we are there.

I had my very own "Stitchmaynia" event where I started four things in one day.  I plan to show you this week just what I have been working on.


  1. I have heard that BOSCH tests its dishwashers and that sometimes they ship them with water and condensation still in them and that they smell something terrible. Hope that is not the case with yours.

  2. I hope you find a god dishwasher to fit.
    It's always something, isn't it?
    Are you going to Lynn's?
    It's my favorite needlework store, they have so much there.
    Tons of fabric, and a LOT of patterns!
    You probably won;t leave empty-handed. :)