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Monday, September 25, 2017


Another Monday and the bathrooms are clean.  I've just been to Macy's and they have a very good sale!  I got a couple of rugs and saved a bunch on them.  I was nearly out of Ginger Souffle, it would take too long to get here if I ordered it so I had to go to the actual store.  Plus, shopping equals lots of extra steps.  I'm up to nearly 14,000 today.
I finished off the reindeer by adding beads.  The pattern used red beads but I wanted the beads to look like snow so I used some crystal looking ones.

Then I have a page finish for the Mystery Project.  Yeah!

I need a bit of a break before starting the next page.  Confetti stitching drives me a little nuts.
Although some people think I have a head start on the "a little nuts" part.

1 comment:

  1. The reindeer looks great with the white beads.
    Looks like you are almost done with the confetti piece, It's intense!