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Thursday, September 21, 2017

As a Rule

I finish-finished this ruler holder from Heart's Ease Sampler Works' Fractur Sewing Set II.  This is so sweet.  I love the design.

Now two parts of the smalls are done.  I used DMC for the needle book and ruler holder.  They are nice bright colors.
On the road trip to Madison, I bought some of the Belle Soie silks it called for.  At least all the ones whose names I could remember.  I think I ordered all the called for Belle Soie from Stitching Bits and Bobs but I'm not sure if the order went through and I forgot to write down the order number so I can't even check. 
The next piece of this set that I am working on is the scissors case.  I'm using the Belle Soie so I can compare and see if I like the silk better or not.  I would say the DMC is a bit brighter.  On the road trip to Madison I also got some Anchor black (403) floss.  I had heard that it was preferred over DMC so I wanted to try it.  I would agree, I prefer it too.
It is supposed to be 90 today.  Hot!  It was pleasant (and dark) when I went walking this morning.


  1. Did not know about the Anchor black and will look for it. I do prefer their white over DMC's. Glad I'm not the only one that isn't sure of orders! I have to go into Paypal or my credit card to check for payments but what was on the order????

  2. Super cute!!! Thank you for joining us at Love to idea, good luck!!!