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Sunday, January 18, 2015


Here is my dilema:  I just realized that I stitched the border of Eleonora's Box in the wrong color.

I was just following what I had stitched on the needle case.  The border was green.  But on the box the border is dark blue.

So, do I take it out?  Do I just make it green on the other sides too?  Do I just make it the right color on the sides?  Do I just forget that I noticed it's the wrong color?

Then when I looked at the photo of Treasured Tools, I noticed that the flowers were not medium mauve as the chart says but mocha mauve (light pink).  I think I'll change them.  I like the lighter color better and it is only seven flowers.  I've already changed one, so six to go.

 I've got almost all the back of the scissors case done.  I can finish this today.

I'm very excited as I got the passwords for the Amy Mitten classes.  I got notification that the kits have been mailed.  They should be here this week.  I printed out some of the lessons.  The charts for the Quaker bag are huge!  I printed 61 pagegs of directions - and that's just the Quaker bag - so far.  What am I getting myself into??? (Then I remind myself that I actually made the mermaid one so I know I can do this!)  The other kit I got was Friesland Threadwinder Holder.  I've made the Vierlande one and it was fantastic.  I learned so much.  This one should be easier since I've done one before and have more experience.  I love the colors in this one.  I'm a blue girl.  I love everything to be pretty blue.  I was actually thinking of putting in a bit of blue on the Quaker bag, but we'll see.


  1. Hi Amy. Beautiful work! I love the colors as you have them. Liked the flowers darker actually. You sure take on some challenging pieces.

  2. I am curious. Are you planning any trips soon?

    Barbara in OKC

  3. Hi Amy
    I think I would take out the border - it isn't that much to frog ;) and you still have the other 3 sides to go.... unless you want it to match the needle case...
    I am doing Amy Mitten's Quaker sewing bag too. I am going to try and keep up with the lessons, this time!