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Monday, January 5, 2015


I was quite frustrated yesterday.  I was trying to get more done on the Shining Needle Society Barbara Jackson ornament that should have been finished weeks ago.

 I kept making mistakes and having to take out over one on a high count.  It seems like it is 40 count but I need to look to be sure.  UGH.  Finally, I just gave up.  It was hard to see and I should have figured out a way to see better.  Stitching with cream color  floss on cream linen is hard also.   But I was also getting loops on the back side.  ARGH.  So forget that!

Then I decided I needed to get the top of Eleonora's Box going.  So I counted and then stitched.  I did much better stitching in a straight line.

 Not very exciting but I did make progress.  I love how the Weeks Dye Works Whiskey varies in color in the border so I'm looking forward to putting that in.

 Did I get the cording sewn on to the edge of the scissors case?  Nope, not yet.

I enjoyed the season opener of Downton Abbey.  I need to see it again to pick up the words that I missed.  Either I'm old and deaf or they are mumbling.  Or maybe it is the English accent.

I'm very glad things are back to normal and the holidays are behind us.  It is very cold here.  7 degrees this morning.  We are expecting several inches of snow each day this week.  I wish it were summer.  BFF is going to Arizona this week.  I wish I was going too.  I'll just be going to the Y to walk instead.  But it's okay, I can catch up on some stitching (or curse at the stupid ornament!).


  1. I thought they were mumbling on Downton Abbey last night, too and the English accent doesn't help.

  2. I wish you were coming with Sue and I to Arizona too! -BFF