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Monday, January 26, 2015


I got all of the Cherish Life stitched except for the bird on the back of the sheep.

 I want to slightly alter the bird.  I changed the bird on one of the other parts so I have to go see what I did and where I got the bird pattern from.  Then I can put it together.  I think it will be easy to put together.

I am anxiously waiting for the mailman again today.  I bet he'll have the Amy Mitten kits today. There are several other things that are on the way to me too.

I went out shopping this morning.  I have a new recipe to try for Tomato Soup.  I got some linen in  a Star Sapphire color for an upcoming project.  

I got started on the the back and sides of Eleonora's Box.  I can't count very well.  I had to take out one section four times - so far.  ARGH

Once I get it all set up, it should go faster.  I got nothing done on Anne Hathaway.

 But there is always today!


  1. beautiful stitching ♥

  2. beautiful stitching ♥

  3. You stitched that up fast!
    What will this be finished into?