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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Wild Goose Chase

Just before Christmas I went on a Wild Goose Chase - on the internet.  I regularly read Mockingbird Hill blog and she mentioned a Putz house that she puts out as a Christmas decoration.  I had never heard of a Putz house.  What is it?  So I googled it. The search took me to Etsy and Pinterest (Time sink). One place said it means a Christmas village.   I ended up ordering a Putz house kit on Etsy.  My plan was to make it for next Christmas for Claire.  I always like to give her a couple of ornaments every year.  But being the person that I am, I ordered a set of four.  They came in the mail yesterday.
 The houses have little bottle brush trees to go around them and ribbons and tinsel.  Ones I saw on Pinterest also had little deer too.
 You can choose the color of the trees that you want.  I wanted light and dark green.
 This is what is inside of each little package along with two pages of directions on finishing them.

They are so cute!  I will love making them.  I am trying to decide what colors to paint them.  After looking at Pinterest Putz's, I think I like the pastel ones in light blue.  I want to make one in light green as Claire's house is green.  You can actually find many patterns online for Putz houses. Then I ran across a picture of the latest issue of Martha Stewart's Living magazine.  Guess what is on the front?  A wreath with Putz houses on it.

I went to Zinio and bought a digital copy just so I could read about it.
Now where is that extra fine glitter I got years ago?


  1. Amy, we lived in Bethlehem, PA for 7 years. Bethlehem was founded as a Moravian settlement and putzs are one of their big traditions at Christmas. Many families would make elaborate putzs bringing in real moss and natural items for their display. It is a beautiful place to be at Christmas!!!

  2. How adorable!
    I've never heard of those either, but they are so cute. Definitely on my list of things I need to check out. (They would make adorable gifts.)

  3. I love it! You always find the most interesting things to make. They are so cute. I also love the grape scissor case. I think I need to go to Pinterest and check out a bunch of stuff.

    Barbara in OKC

  4. I have never heard of a putz house, I can see that my next two stops will be Mr Google and Mr Pinterest. Thank you so much for sharing.