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Sunday, January 25, 2015


I didn't get the Amy Mitten kits yesterday.  Bummer.  But I did get the latest Shepherd's Fold kit.  The name of it is "Cherish Life".

I like it and I started it.  It was fun to work on.  I love a complete kit with finishing supplies, buttons and everything.

I was surprised by the linen.  It didn't look the same as the other pieces but what do I know?  I changed it anyway.  So I just used what I have used for the other pieces.  It goes with the backing fabric just fine.
This is how far I am:

I bet I can finish this today.  I changed the writing and just a bit here and there.  I love how there is a felt flower inside the needle book.  Teri and Tina are very creative.

I got all the border put back in Eleonora's Box and my name.  Now to start the last piece of the box which is actually two sides and the back all together.

I also want to work a bit on the back of Anne Hathaway's Needle Book.  I better get busy.


  1. I always love your stitching x

  2. Great kit.
    Eleanora's box is turning out so pretty.