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Friday, January 9, 2015

Two Roofs

I happen to pick of Anne Hathaway's cottage needlebook yesterday.  My goal was to get the roof done.  And I did!  

It is starting to take shape.

Then I finally got the painting done on the Putz house and let it dry. This morning I have been gluing all the parts together. 

I should have started on the house I like the least instead of the one I like the most.  I'm learning as I'm going along what is best and what not to do.  It looks a bit messy.  The painting is not very good.  But I''m hoping that glitter will cover all the imperfections.  I really like this kit and think it is well done.  I'm almost ready to glue on the roof.  

We have had "challenging" weather. 

 Too much snow and too much very cold temperatures.  Although it is three times as warm as it was yesterday.  It is 15 degrees instead of minus seven.  DH has not attempted to go to the store yet today.  I'm just staying home and staying warm.  There will probably be no walking today.  Rats.  Miraculously, the sun has come out.  Now if we can just get the snow plows to show up.



  1. Very cute start to your houses/cottages! They are both looking terrific.
    Lots of snow! Your philosophy is the same as mine, just stay indoors and let the weather do what it will.

  2. Glitter makes everything look wonderful.