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Friday, January 30, 2015


I confess that I wasn't going to follow directions.  Amy Mitten recommends washing the linen in her kits.  I stitch in hand and hate limp linen.  But the linen in the kits was very stiff.  So I gave in and decided to wash it.  Stick it in the washing machine?  No, too harsh.  So I just soaked it in the sink.  I was surprised at the amount of starch (or whatever it is) that came out of the linen.  I was crossing my fingers that it wouldn't be too limp. I was shocked at the outcome.
When it was dry it was still so stiff that it held its shape as I'm holding it up.  Stiff as a board still!  Well, I decided to wash it again.  Still stiff.  I shouldn't have worried about it being too limp.

I got my kit for Sylvan Scenes yesterday.  Oh my goodness, I have so many things I want to start.  But I won't let myself start this one until I finish that SNS Christmas ornament/bag from Barbara Jackson.

So I worked a bit on Eleonora's Box.  I made good progress on one side. This linen is pretty limp and I make more mistakes because of it.

 I bet I could finish this side if I worked on it all day.  But I know I will want to work on some other things too.


  1. I am so surprised that the linen dried stiff! I had bought a large piece of 32 ct linen from Hobby Lobby and its so stiff also. I haven't tried washing it yet. Now I will be interested in learning what you will do with your linen for Amy's project.
    Love the design of Eleonora's box - pretty stitching. love Annette

  2. That's really stiff!
    Will you still use it?
    Love the basket project.