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Friday, January 2, 2015

First Finish

I have a finish for the year 2015!  I got the grapes scissors case all done.  It is so fun when all the pieces come together.  Thank you Amy Mitten for a brilliant design and wonderful step-by-step directions to get me through stumpwork which I have no clue about.  This is the front:
This is the back:
The grapes on the back are flatter.
This is inside:
This is me holding it upside down to show you that the scissors are held inside by a magnet sewn under the center grape on the front of the case:

Okay, so now I'm ready for Amy Mitten's Quaker Sewing box that comes out on the 19th.

Things always come up that you never expect.  I was tickled pink yesterday when the Shining Needle Society offered a class for Barbara Jackson's Sylvan Scenes Basket.  I saw it offered at Celebrations and I so wanted to take it.  So it is great to have the opportunity.  I found a basket that will be perfect for it too.  I ordered it through my guild a couple of years ago.  I have a thing for baskets.  I made Barbara's Tea Time Basket a couple of years ago.  They said this is her last basket since the baskets are so hard to find.

I think I am going to keep working on Eleonora's Box.  First I want to finish the scissors case since it is mostly stitched.
I put a few stitches in Anne Hathaway's Cottage Needlebook just because it was on the floor by my stitching chair.  So you can see how I choose what to do next:  location, location, location.


  1. I'll admit that this project would have had me quaking in my boots.

    I know almost nothing about stumpwork. But watching you work on this and talk about detached buttonhole so casually has me thinking I might be able to do some beginning stumpwork! Thanks for being an inspiration :)

  2. This is so cool!
    Congrats on your finish.