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Friday, January 23, 2015


I couldn't help it.  It was too cute.  I had to start it.

I called this one by the wrong name the other day.  It isn't "Love Letters", it's "Love Birds".  There are lots of birds.  I think I can finish this today.

Then I went and signed up for another retreat.  I think I can use DH's Frequent Flier miles so that sealed the deal.  Since I love The Drawn Thread designs, I wanted to go to Silver Needle's retreat in July.  The Drawn Thread and La D Da are going to be there.

I got some more of the border of Eleonora's Box put back in.  I want to finish that up today.

I finished up the edge on the front page of Anne Hathaway's Needle Book.

 I want to read today about what goes inside.  I'm thinking it is probably Skirtex.  I could put that whole page together.  I got the edging on the back page too so I would know where to start the lettering.

 There is some freestyle embroidery and charms on the needle page that makes this book adorable.
Such fun things to do today!


  1. I told myself I wasn't going to comment anymore on your blog. That I had gotten a little obsessed with it. Everything you do is so interesting and wonderful. Ilove to look at the beautiful stuff you make. Well, saying that you are going to the Silver Needle Retreat in July caused me to comment as I would love to go. Tulsa is only 90 miles from OKC. The Silver needle is the closet decent Cross Stitch shop around and such a wonderful place to shop.

  2. Well! I can see why you could not resist -- who could? Everything looks BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Wow they all so beautiful
    Well done x

  4. Wow your making such great progress on both wips. Anne is almost done and LOVE that cottage design. Beautiful needlework Amy! love Annette

  5. LOVE is so pretty.
    Greta progress on your wips.
    Silver Needle will be so much fun!