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Monday, January 19, 2015


I got the Treasured Tools scissors pocket all done!  All done-done.

 I think it turned out nicely.  Now I get to start the needle book part.  I started at the bottom as I love the design on it.

It will be fun to see how far I can get on this today.  I want to get lots done because I know I'm getting new stuff later this week.

 I think that Stitching Bits and Bobs will win the Whatley Woodlands contest.  They are mailing my package to me tomorrow.  Which means I'll be able to work on Anne Hathaway's Needle Book again.  Then who knows how long the Amy Mitten kits will take as they have to go through customs in San Francisco.  I'm hoping they are here by Saturday.  I also bought two things on Ebay.  I love getting stuff in the mail.


  1. Your scissor pocket is gorgeous, you did a fantastic job!
    Looking forward to seeing your progress on your needle book.

  2. Amy--are you the one outbidding me on E-Bay??? LOL

  3. Love your beautiful scissor pocket! Great job!

  4. That turned out so pretty,