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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

And Now For Something Else

I worked really hard yesterday and finished stitching Treasured Tools Needle Book.  So today I must put it together.

It looks like it is pretty easy to finish.  I didn't realize that it has a pocket inside.  Cool.  So it goes together just like the scissors pocket.  I can do that.

Then I got stuff in the mail.  I got the last Drawn Thread that I ordered.

My orders always come quickly from Cynthia.  It looks like Love Letters will be really quick to stitch as it isn't that big.  I'm thinking of stitching it on Sand color linen.

I timed myself and it only took a little more than 15 minutes to take out my name on Eleonora's Box.  I need to take out the date, which will only take a few minutes.  I'm leaning toward taking out the border. . . .

Today's mail came way early.  I got the Whatley Woodlands from Stitching Bits and Bobs.

They win!  Now I can go back and finish that project.  I need to try and finish as much as I can on projects I have going as I know there are two really big projects on their way to me.


  1. These DT kits are so pretty.
    The LOVE kit is my favorite, I think.
    Glad you received your thread to finish the needlebook.

  2. wow such beautiful stitches..i love them so much..
    big hugs x