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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Last Finish

Would you believe that I had a finish yesterday?  I surprised myself.  But once I get going on something, I get momentum and push myself.  The pomegranate threadwinder holder is done!!!

I finished up the pouch, braided the drawstrings, whipped stitched the sides together and various other  things to get it done..  Today the goal is to finish the grapes scissors case completely.

I have taken down the Christmas tree.  That was another goal for today.  I'm ready for the new year.

Here is how I keep my needles:

I know, I'm a slob.  No organization here at all.  It amazes me how many needles I collect over time.  One of these days I will figure out and be able to tell the difference between needles.  However I can tell the difference between big ones and small ones.  Big eyes and teeny tiny eyes.  But that is about as far as it goes.
Maybe I should start something new in honor of the new year.


  1. the thread winder is really neat. Can't wait to see the grape scissor case. Happy New Year.

    Barbara in OKC

  2. Congratulations on an amazing finish. Happy New Year!

  3. I recognize one of those pincushions! Happy New Year Amy!

  4. Cute!
    Congrats on your finish.