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Monday, January 12, 2015


I put the embellishments on the front of the Anne Hathaway Needle Book.  Boy does that add so much!  I really like it.

I also started some of the lettering.  I really like the font.  Most of the rest of the stitching is this lettering and I wasn't sure I would like it since it is over one.  But I like it.  There is hope that I can get this done someday.

Confession:  I'm always afraid when it comes to trying something new.  That's why I haven't put the Snow-Tex on the Putz house.

 What if I mess it up?  What if I ruin it?  I know I just need to march into this like a bull in a china shop and whatever happens, happens.  It may turn out fine.  I need to think positively.
The bathrooms are clean, the walking is done.  Now to tackle some fun stuff.


  1. Maybe you could try the snow tex on something similar first?

  2. Looking good on all fronts..... I'm sure the "china shop" adventure will turn out fine. :)