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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Little by Little

I know that it looks like I didn't do very much on the Needleworker's Pocketbook.  But just getting started is a big jump as I was afraid of messing this up.

Now it looks a bit messy along the bottom edge but never fear, Antwerp stitches are to go along the inside edge on both(!) sides.

Now I've had issues with the Antwerp stitch but I worked it pretty successfully on the Mermaid's Treasures.  So I'll go back and review just how it is done as I have forgotten already.  If I work diligently, I think I can get the pocket all done and move to the main body.  The thread is challenging to work with as it twists itself into knots easily and drives me crazy in the process.   You also have to make sure that you also pierce the ribbon on the front and the back with each stitch.  So it is a little tedious.

I'm tempted to start something new.

I dug out the Strawberries So Faire chart to see if it matches size-wise to the Buttons-A-Bounty chart.  The width is perfect.  I need another 61 stitches lengthwise but I think with a little cutting and pasting I can just add a section (or two) to the sides.  Since I paid money for this class, I really want to do it.  After I get the size right, I have to get just the right threads.  I only need an overdyed red and an overdyed green.  I want the color to vary enough so that you can see changes in color when it is stitched.  I've found that some overdyeds don't vary enough and just look like a solid color when they are stitched.  So some stash diving is in order.

We got our new lesson in Cabinet of Curiosities.  It is fascinating to read how to glue the stitching to the box.   It's quite complicated.

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  1. That sounds like a tedious edging, but it's looking good!