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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I am a competitive person.  I'm also very suggestiveable.  That's not really a word.  I have to be careful when watching food shows as I end up wanting to make what they made on the show.  So when I saw that Kathy on The Unbroken Thread was starting her heart brooch. (She was my original inspiration for getting the kit) I wanted to do mine too.  So I took out some of the stitching and restarted.  It is working out well.  I think the experience I got doing the round brooch is helping me do this one better.  I am on row three of the couching.  There is another row to go after this one.  I wore my round brooch to exercise class and someone even noticed it!  Heart's are very tricky as you can tell if they are a little off.  So I'm trying to be very careful.

I made a bit of progress on Along the River James.  I want to finish the River James.  The small tree was supposed to be stitched with one strand but I used two by mistake.  Oh well, no biggie.

I put in the sides of Romina's Box pincushion and the date.  I'm going to stitch my name around the other sides before I put it together.

I figured out how to use Google Play and downloaded two books.  I got one recommended by USA Today, The Silent Wife.  I even took some time yesterday to read a couple of chapters.

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  1. Hi Amy

    Seeing you pick up your heart brooch has inspired me to get mine out. I am doing the chipping at the moment and will then just have the sequins and beads to do. I was lucky enough to do the class at the RSN with Jenny who is a great teacher - but then it got put to one side. It will be great to get it done.

    Godalming UK