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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Check and Glue

I put in the leaves on the Brooch.

The leaves turned out pretty well as I was afraid I didn't have enough room for them.  Then I started the filling in with the silver bright check purl.

 You have to cut it into tiny pieces and attach each piece.

When I look at the brooch with a magnifying glass, I see some more places that could use another piece of the silver bright check purl.  But to the naked eye it just looks sparkly.  I like the sparkly.

I have more of the check filling to do then I can plunge my stray threads to the back.  To me, this is looking a lot  like the photo so I am very happy with it.  I think I can finish this soon.

I was very brave yesterday.  I am afraid of finishing the trinket box in Cabinet of Curiosities.  But I got my ducks in a row and started.  I mixed two tablespoons of the glue mixture with half a cup of water in a disposable plastic container using a small whisk.

 I was worried about lumps in the glue.  But there weren't any!  It was fine.  So then I brushed it on the outside of the box.  Again, not a problem.  One lump formed as it was soaking in and drying but was easily brushed off.  The directions say to let it dry for half an hour.

 It took way longer than that.  After about three hours, I coated the inside of the box.  My goal today is to apply the paper to the box.  I want to apply the paper to the back of the stitching and the back of the lining silk as well.  I have to reread the directions as I'm not sure about when and how to put the stamped paper on the top edge.  I know that the bottom of the lid will be a little fiddly too.  Wish me luck!

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