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Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Finish!

I stuck with it and finished the Cricket design.  Yeah!  I added a bit to the crescent moon and I like it.  I went back and put in stuff I forgot like padding the witch's lips and that iris in the mummy pumpkin's eye.
So two weeks after the event, it is finished.  Of course I still need to finish-finish it into a trick or treat bag for Claire.

In cruising other blogs I see that a kit I want should be sent to me soon.  A special Jackie DuPlessis kit, Pocket of Posies, was designed for and available to Swan Sampler Guild members.  So I joined the guild early this year.  I hadn't heard anything about the kit for months but someone got hers in the mail.  So maybe mine is on the way too.  Hurrah!  Another reason to stalk the mailman.

I have a very sore foot.  It is so silly.  I dropped a big bar of soap on my foot, right on the big toe joint.  Boy, does it hurt.  I have a bruise.  It is hard to walk 3 or 4 miles in pain.  I did it this morning and I've got my fingers crossed that it will feel better tomorrow.  I really should ice it though.

I printed out the directions for the knot stitch and the Antwerp stitch so I have no excuse for not working on those today.


  1. I am still waiting on my Pocket of Posies too, Amy! And I'll admit to getting anxious to see it :)
    Hope your poor toe is feeling better soon!

  2. Hope your foot gets better soon - meanwhile a good excuse to put your feet up and stitch;-)