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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Gold Thread

I decided to try out some of the thread that I got from Needle in a Haystack.

I needed some gold thread for a star.  This thread is made in Japan and isn't readily available here except from Needle in a Haystack.

I found that the thread is three ply and has a mind of its own.

I had my choice of a lighter gold or a darker one.  I chose the darker one.  I was working on 36 count Edinburg.  I used all three plies and it went fine. Two plies probably would have worked fine also.   The thread wears and breaks so it is best to use a shorter length of it.  The eye of the needle is where is usually breaks.  It looks to have a white core.

This design calls for some silver thread so I'll see if it acts the same way.  I expect it will.

These are the flowers I got at the Farmer's Market yesterday.  You can get a nice bouquet for not much money.  Usually they have bouquets of lilies which don't smell all that great on the kitchen table.  I liked the variety in this bouquet.

I went looking for my Just Nan Motifs chart and found it.  I like the flowers as a band for the back of Along the River James.

I was also looking for some tiny fish to put in the river.  I happened on a chart that I think will do fine.

  I am distracted by a Christmas design at the moment though.

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