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Friday, August 23, 2013

I Did It!

I sat down and finished Pocket of Posies.  It turned out better than I expected.  The corners are fine.  I didn't realize that the ribbon acts as a handle to the tiny etui.

I found a little button to put in the flower basket.
The photo on the pattern looks like there is a bead (not included in the kit) in the flowers.
I think the butterfly goes well with it.  I was wondering why there was a design on what I thought was the bottom of the box.  It turns out that is the back of the box.

I put on a button that closes with a hedebo.

I did the hedebo three times.  Twice with one strand of silk and then with some #12 pearl cotton, much better.  The pin cushion is bit too big for the box.

If I were doing this again, I would change:
the threads.  I don't like working with the wool and prefer silk floss
I'd make the pin cushion about 2 to 4 stitches shorter so it would fit better.
I would sew the lining to the linen and then turn it inside out.
I'd make an eyelet for the ribbon to go through
I'd fill in the ribbon on the basket somehow.  I don't think it is noticeable the way it is.
Over all, I think it turned out very cute.
I have a pattern somewhere for a lipstick style case from Merry Cox.  I'd like to try that out.

I was on a roll with the finishing so I worked on Romina's Box pin cushion.  It turned out nicely and I want to start another part of this project.

I got the front door in on Along the River James.  My goal for today is to finish all the stitching on the front.


  1. The Posket turned out nice!
    Love the box pincushion, and River Jame is coming along nicely.
    Congrats on your finishes!

  2. Great job on the Pocket of Posies!!!!!!!! I'm still waiting for my kit to catch up with me. Somehow the Swans sent it to an address that I haven't lived at in over 18 mos so the mail isn't forwarded. They had the correct addy but apparently it didn't get into the data system they have or something. The James River piece is coming along nicely as well. I like the Romano pincushion box as well. You have some great things in your stash.