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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

So Far

I have had such fun working on my round brooch kit.  It doesn't feel like it is actually stitching as most of what I've done is couching threads.
This is the back:

Many of the ends of the threads are waiting to be plunged to the back later.  

I've only had a couple of "hiccups".  I went to make the squiggle and after one round, I realized I hadn't left any room for round two.  And I wanted more room for the squiggle so it wouldn't look flat.  So I took out the silver circle, made it smaller and redid the squiggle.  I am pretty happy with it.  I was tickled to get to the rose and I think it looks pretty good.

Now I have to add five leaves around the rose.  I put in one leaf but it was too big.  So I'm cutting down the metal thread and going to try again.  I'm look forward to filling in around the rose with the bits of check stuff.

 I am getting some experience using different threads.  I don't have the names straight yet.  Sometimes I wonder, why not use a bugle bead instead of cutting this metal thread that is not going to be as evenly sized?  I think this could look nice as a pendant too.  I would be more scared of working with these threads but I've done some work on the Mermaid Treasures with metal threads.  It's like everything I've done before is preparing me for this.

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