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Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday in August

I'm up to 12,000 steps and it is only noon.  I intend to sit in my happy chair and vegetate for the rest of the day.
I worked on several things yesterday.  I stitched one of the little bouquets of flowers on the Pocket for Posies.  Cute.

I also got the last piece backstitched.

The tiny little tag is done too, as well as one of the ends of the pincushion.

I went back and worked on the Mermaid's Treasures shell.  I got a nice little wedge done. It took forever! I'm finding that I need to put in the darkest color floss and build on it.  So easy to get lost!  A little bit every day will get it done sooner that I think.

Then I started the backstitching  around the Along the River James.  Can't wait to get to the design.  I must do the border first.  Actually, I need to start the border to get me to something even more interesting.

I finished my sand weight for the Cabinet of Curiosities class.

It is a small pillow filled with sand to put on the linen as it is glued to the box.  I was happy to find some sand at Michael's.  I was afraid I would have to buy a huge bag of it.  Luckily, I found a small bag - and only used about a third of it.

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