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Saturday, August 17, 2013


I did some more gluing on my trinket box.  The hand marbled paper is glued to the under side of the lid.

 The linen is glue to the top of the lid.  I wish the edge was glued more securely.  See that corner sticking up?  On my own, I would just staple it to the lid.  But that's not politically correct.

Then I decided to experiment with the lining that had bubbles in it.  What the heck?  It's ruined anyway.   I thought, I wonder if I can pull the paper off?  Yes.  I wonder if I can re-glue it?  Yes. Now I was worried about putting the glued paper on the silk in the first place, as you are never supposed to even use steam on silk.  It can leave spots.  Will the glue that has been mixed with water leave spots?  Not really.
I need to make a new bottom lining, this one is looking a little worn and has a bubble.

 How do I get the lining to fit in the box?  It didn't want to go in. It was fighting me.   So I folded it at the corners.  I bet I can cut off the bottom, I don't mind a raw edge on the bottom.  Uh-oh, some of the wood showed  when I did that, even when I put the bottom in.  And the lid didn't sit down in the box because the lining was in the way.  Okay, I'll recess the lining about an eighth of an inch and fold the bottom in an eighth of an inch.  Hey, no wood shows and the lid will sit down in the box.  This lining doesn't look so bad.  Maybe I can reuse it.

The last folded edge looks pretty crappy though.  I'll have to iron it down to make it look nice and neat.
Purple and coral?  Interesting color combination.

So I'm thinking of just gluing in the reglued lining.  I would like to fold the silver tape that goes around the top edge of the lid in half.  It doesn't seem to want to fold.  I may experiment with that.  Run the folded tape through a pasta maker?  Pound the folded tape with a mallet?  We'll see. . . .

I got the spine of Along the River James stitched.  I wish this project had a whole complete chart.  We don't even have a complete chart of the border, only one quarter.  Good grief.  No wonder I've made some mistakes.

Time for lunch.

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