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Friday, August 2, 2013


I worked on several things yesterday.  Not getting very far on any of them.  I finished off part of the pocket on Needleworker's Pocketbook. I still have the bottom edge to ribbonize and buttonhole. Then I started the main piece.  My stitches are better (more even) on the main part since I've had the practice of working on the pocket.  But lots more to do!

Then I put in some leaves on the Cricket design.  I really should finish this up before starting something new.

I bought the latest Inspirations issue.  You can buy it digitally from Zinio.  That works for me.  It costs a lot less as there are no mailing costs.  There is a Betsy Morgan box on the front.  I have several things by her that I want to stitch.

I am desperately trying to get my pre-stitching for the August class I'm taking through the Western Reserve Sampler Guild.  No luck so far.  Emailing didn't work.  Maybe I could try bribing someone to send it to me.
Friday has come around so quickly  - again.

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  1. Hi, Amy -

    I am visiting your blog for the first time as a result of your email to me regarding Lauren's River James class. Please see that note.

    Will check back with your blog when I have a chance...looks like lots to look at.

    Happy stitching and good luck.