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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Thank You Mr. Mailman

I got great mail yesterday.  Several of things I've been waiting for came.  I didn't get much stitched as I got together with a friend and caught up on all the latest happenings.  Thank goodness I was able to walk today.  I'm glad I stayed off my foot yesterday, it had time to heal.  I really appreciated just being able to walk.  Since my stitching was neglected, I didn't finish the Needleworker's Pocketbook.  So today is the day I will finish it.  One side of the main piece needs it knot stitches then I can use the Antwerp stitch to lace the pocket to the main piece.  Then I will be done!

Okay, back to the mail.  I got the Pocket for Posies kit through the Swan Sampler Guild.

  I can't wait to start it as it has many interesting parts.  A bargello pin cushion with a pocket for a thimble.

It uses some wool threads that I haven't worked with before.

The silk dupioni lining fabric is in one of my favorite colors.

 There is a spool shaped waxer.

Cool.  But I won't let myself start until I finish that Needleworker's Pocketbook.

I also got the CD of the last ten years of Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly.  Boy is that a time sink.  I'm only half way through looking at all those issues.  I no longer have to troll ebay looking for old issues of SANQ,  I have been looking for certain issues for a long time.  I have them now.  I love that the CD is such a small item that holds all those issues and will be easier to find than digging through stash.

I also got another kit in the mail that I will show it to you tomorrow.


  1. Amy, can you tell me where you purchased that CD of SANQ as I would love to buy one of those.
    Your new project looks amazing.

  2. Looks like a great new project.
    Told you I wantd to come live at your house! LOL :)