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Saturday, August 10, 2013


I'm feeling pressure to get more done on my Mermaid's Treasures.  We got more new lessons yesterday and I'm not ready!  I still have a ton to do on the shell.  It goes so very slowly.  I worked on it yesterday but it gets to be very tedious.  Then when there is a mistake somewhere, well, I just want to scream.  Amy Mitten recommended putting in the white color and working around that.  So I tried it for a while.  But for me, putting in the black and working around that works out better for me.  So it doesn't look like I did much but this is a few hours of work.

I am tempted to try out the lesson on weaving the snail's shell.  You work it over a straw!

I had to tear myself away from working on Along the River James.  I just wanted to concentrate on it.  But I did get to the design.  It is challenging as the grass stitches are offset by one.

I'm thinking if I worked only on Pocket for Posies, I could have it done in a day or so.  It is really fun to see it develop.

I got a postcard in the mail saying our new Hobby Lobby is open.  I want to go check it out.  I love that we have one so close by.

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