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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Great Mail

The mailman came to the door yesterday.  He brings me packages that are too big for the mailbox.  He knows I stand at the window and watch him as he delivers mail.  Sometimes he even waves to me.
I got four packages!  Wow.  It would be nice to get a package a day for four days just to stretch out the delight.  But I am not going to complain.

First off, I got an old Cricket Collection chart that I won on ebay.  It was only two dollars.

Then I got my order from Stitching Bits and Bobs.  They've set a record - this only took a tad over two weeks.  When you buy stash (as I did at Stitchville and Silver Needle) it means that you probably need more stash.  You buy a chart, you need the fabric and threads.  When you buy several (ahem) you need much more fabric and many more threads.  So most of this order was thread and fabric to stitch charts that I bought.

Then I got something on my wish list.  I wanted a GPA chart for a little box.  Romina's Box.  I looked for it at Silver Needle and Stitchville.  In a moment of weakness, I ordered it from Down Sunshine Lane.  They were out of it but sent it when it came in.  Cool.

And last but certainly not least is the package of two kits from England.  I am so tickled to get these.  They were mailed about two weeks ago so I've been looking for them every day.  I feel like I am taking a class with the Royal School of Needlework since the lady (Jenny Adin-Christie) that I bought the kits from teaches at the Royal School and worked on Kate's wedding dress.  I bought two brooch kits.

One is a heart and one round.  So of course, I had to start one.  I put the fabric in a hoop.  I even wrapped the hoop with strips of fabric to hold the fabric drum tight.  I am following the directions like a good girl.  She calls the fabric "calico" but it is more like a very heavy muslin. This is what was in the kit:

Wow, so many different threads that I haven't worked with before.  The directions are very good and like a book.  This is exciting.

I'll show you my progress tomorrow.


  1. Oh! Terrific stash!!
    You know I'm a little green. :)
    The GPA is so pretty, and the Royal kits look interesting.
    Enjoy your newfound stash.

  2. You certainly had the best mail day!