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Monday, August 26, 2013


There was a small pile on my sewing room floor of fabrics that I meant to use for various projects.  Yesterday I used up that pile.
I had been meaning to line a pair of curtains to replace worn out ones in my bathroom.  I finally got the fabric which I was delighted with since it actually is drapery lining material.  I was very simple sewing and I'm happy I got that done.  Of course, nothing goes without a hitch or two.  One lining was too short and I had to add to it a bit.  Now they are done and hung.

Then a year ago I took a class from Amy Mitten through our guild.

 We stitched Mute But Not Silent sampler.  Amy Mitten's model had handkerchief linen on the back of it just to protect it.  I really liked the look of that.  It looked so nice and neat and you couldn't see the back of the stitching.  I always meant to do that.  But finding the handkerchief linen wasn't so easy.  Amy Mitten said she got hers at JoAnn's.  A few weeks ago I came across some handkerchief linen and bought some.  Now I have a hunk pinned to the back of the sampler.  I need to hunt up the instructions for Mute But Not Silent to see if Amy Mitten describes how to sew it on unobtrusively.

Then I got my glue out of the refrigerator and made up another lining for the trinket box.  I tried to get the original lining to fold like I wanted at the corner but just couldn't get there.  So I cut just a bit larger piece of the silk and glued the special Hobart Dark paper to it.

It has a couple of bubbles in it (rats!) so I need to reglue those places before I try and make it fit in the box.  I guess it helps to have something weighting it down while it dries.
Walking is done and bathrooms are clean.

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