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Sunday, August 11, 2013


I worked on the shell of Mermaid's Treasures yesterday.  I feel like I made good progress.  I decided that putting in the darkest color and the lightest color is making it easier, and dare I say, faster, to fill in.  I guess my goal would be to get one quarter of the shell done.  I am also tempted to start the other (easier) side of the shell.  It would be fun to get to the mermaid on the other side.

I worked just a bit on the corner of Along the River James.  I wanted to get to the point of being able to put in just a bit of the River James.  Now I want to work the bank of the river so it can be more filled in.  I  put in some of the grass color.  It is Au ver a soie on a spool.

Then I wanted to get one section of the pincushion done on Pocket of Posies.  I got there but with a bit of frogging and trying to find where I was off.  Every color I put in changed how it looked.  It was amazing to see the effect of each color of wool has on all the other colors.  This is called a flame stitch.  I'd love to get the pin cushion all stitched.

I went and checked out the new Hobby Lobby that is close to where I live.  I was amazed at how fully stocked it was.  It is so much bigger than I thought.  I almost got lost!  I had a 40% off coupon that I used to buy some linen.  It is interesting that within two blocks are three places to get DMC floss.  On one side of Hobby Lobby is Joann's and on the other side is a LNS (which has mostly knitting related items).  And Michael's is just two streets away.

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  1. All of your projects look as if they need a lot of concentration but are really beautiful. fancy having three stores so conveniently located. That will be a real temptation??