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Friday, January 1, 2016


Happy New Year!  I am very grateful to have made it to 2016.  It is snowy today and the Y is closed so no walking.  As penance I'm deconstructing the Christmas tree.

Therefore, to reward myself, I'm making cinnamon rolls.  I found a recipe that I wanted to try.

This came in the mail yesterday.  It is a kit from the Silver Needle's A Little Help From Our Friends Stitching Circle designed by Jeannette Douglas.

Did I stay up until midnight?  Not really.  Neighbors setting off fireworks kept us awake.  I did have a little pina colada from Walmart, $1.97.  That is as wild and crazy as I get.

I got some silver acrylic paint and painted the feet of my trinket box and one of my caskets.  Someone asked me if I had ever finished my trinket box, so I was feeling guilty that I hadn't.  Now I've taken another step toward getting it done.  Also, before I install the music box in my casket, I have to put the feet on.

Since I am done with Harmony, I have moved on to the Quaker Bag.  Can I get it done in two weeks?  That is my goal.  I am almost finished with one more large motif.

Do I have any resolutions for 2016?  I am not going to join any clubs that automatically send me kits.  I am very picky and tend not to like them.  They always cost too much so I'm swearing off of them.  No more!  (You may have to remind me of this).


  1. yummy rolls and beautiful kit you have..
    Wish you a very happy new year x

  2. Happy New Year, Amy! I've decided not to join any more clubs that are autos too. We will have to remind each other of this decision.

  3. Happy New Year, Amy! I need to not join clubs either. I dislike more of the charts that are sent than I actually like and actually stitch very few.