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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Wouldn't it?

Wouldn't I love to finish another motif on the Quaker Bag!  I think I can today.  Actually I would like to finish this whole little rectangle.  I'm tired of working over one.

I picked up the birth announcement just so I could stitch over two threads for a change.

 The linen is a little stiff.  I'm wondering if I can just scrunch it up and make it softer.  I don't want to put any wrinkles in that will be difficult to iron out.  And I don't want to take out too much stiffness so it is floppy.

Walking at the Y on a Saturday morning is always interesting.  There are little kids learning to play basketball, people playing pickleball and kids hanging out making racket.
 DH is almost done putting in the trim boards for the mud room.  Then we can move stuff back in.  Yeah!  I ordered a Joseph Raffael poster for the mud room.

 He is one of the watercolorists that I admire.  Time to take down some of the things I've had hanging in there for decades.  I'm also wanting to get some things accomplished.  Like installing the music box in my casket.  This involves drilling holes.  I may have to sweet talk DH into doing it for me.  I cut the lacing strings on the three queens and am going to stretch it on stretcher bars so I can put paper on the back and glue it to the casket.  Wouldn't it be great to actually have something installed on the outside of my casket?



  1. Three queens are so beautiful..
    Love your stitching x

  2. I hope you finish your square on Quaker Bag.
    Love the casket side.