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Sunday, January 24, 2016

I Can See

The other day I was driving home from the Y and DH was driving to the store.  We passed each other on the road.  Later he told me that it looked like no one was driving my car.  I'm short.  So I went looking for a seat to sit on and raise me up a bit while I am driving.  My car is so old it doesn't have an adjustment for the height of the seat.  Yesterday the seat arrived in the mail.  (Thank you Amazon)  It is a revelation!  I am surrounded by glass, I can see!  What an improvement!  I think this will help me be a better driver.  Really.

I put on several pockets on the second panel to the Quaker Bag.  Cool.  It is great to see some progress.

So far:

Next is another large panel.

It has some cute motifs on it that will help me stay motivated.  I like the bird and the leaf.  The letters scattered about are easy to do too.  Maybe I can finish this.

I had a bit of "reverse stitching" to do on Monica's apron.

 I didn't realize there were some compensating stitches in the center of the apron.  Luckily it wasn't too time consuming to fix.  I didn't get the bottom border done.  Maybe today.

I want to put some more marbled paper on the inside parts of my casket.  This is a secret drawer.

  I'm going to cover the whole thing with marbled paper and hope it still fits in its hiding place.
Happy Sunday!


  1. Hi Amy
    Where did you get your marbled paper from? Looks really pretty.

  2. The apron is coming along so lovely
    Love the sweet pockets cute x

  3. This is going to be so pretty.
    Hope you finish the Apron.

  4. the apron is really looking wonderful. The pockets are so pretty. I hope the seat makes a big difference when you drive