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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Little Birdie

  I finished up what I think is the bottom piece of the Quaker Bag.  However there appears to be another bottom piece as well.

Then I started one of the two large flaps.  I'm going to concentrate on the large flap and see if I can finish it this week.
I reached my tipping point for stitching over one.  I just had to do something different.
So I pulled out one of my Christmas presents, the little birdie kit.

I found a hoop and tried to follow the directions.  Some directions are more clear than others.
There were two pieces of muslin.  That confused me.  You draw the bird on one of them.  Then I think you put it under the silk satin material.  But the directions don't actually say that.  The silk satin isn't mentioned.  So I'm having to make assumptions here.  I've cut out the felt padding and tacked one of them down.  But why did I have to trace the bird on the muslin when I just cover it up with felt?  You can't see it through the silk satin anyway.  The felt will be covered with gold metal threads.  If this turns out, I'm going to put it in one of my caskets.  At this point, it is a big "if".

I'm expecting my Barbara Jackson kit today.  I love getting stuff in the mail.
Right now I have to clean up my new floor.


  1. Aww love your sweet bird...I love birds..
    Sweet stitches xx