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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Third Panel

I have been surprized at the progress on this third panel of the Quaker Bag.  It is going well even though it feels like I stitch and rip on a regular basis.
I bet I could finish this flap today.  I may try to put some starch on this linen.  I want to try out my new iron and this linen is feeling pretty floppy.
Since Monica's apron is done, I should go back and work on other WIP's.  I'll have to see which one strikes my fancy.  I have the birth announcement and the Mermaid Tapestry that are languishing nearby.  Of course I'd love to start something new but I'd better not.


  1. my dear its flying so fast and looking so beautiful x

  2. You are really getting this done quickly

  3. Looking good!
    Can't wait to see this put together.