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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Figuring Things Out

I wanted to do a little work on my casket.  I thought I would stitch up the little pin cushion that fits in this wooden base that has a secret drawer in the bottom:
I have some nice heavy duty velvet for the pin cushion.  I sewed it up and stuffed it but I didn't like how it looked on the base.
It doesn't sit down in it very well.  Then I thought maybe a mattress style pin cushion would be better.  I have an old one I made a few years ago.  I tried it to see how I liked it.
I liked it much better.  Of course it needs to be a bit longer.  I have to figure out what I want to stitch on it.
I cut off a piece of marbled paper to see about covering the secret drawer:
The piece I cut is too small.  I need it a little larger to fold over the edge.  Then another piece will fit flat in the bottom totally covering the wood.  But I needed to check to see if the box will fit after it is covered with the paper.
Yes!  It fits perfectly.  All in all I didn't accomplish anything but I know more about what I want to do.  I also need to think about how to pull the drawer out.  Ribbon loop?  Tuft of thread?
I am almost done with Monica's apron.

Yeah!  Now I need to find some linen for her skirt.  I'm not sure I have any 35 count.  I'll have to go digging.


  1. The casket will be a labor of love.
    The doll apron is turning out so pretty.

  2. The casket is really looking good. I prefer the flat pin keep top also. The apron is going to be beautiful