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Friday, January 15, 2016

Sign Me Up

I have been anxiously awaiting Amy Mitten's new tutorial, The Queen's Crown.  I checked her website often and bingo!  It came up a day early!  I signed up immediately.  The project looks very interesting and not how I pictured it in my mind.  It doesn't start until March 3rd so I have time to get that Quaker Bag done.  I got one more motif almost done yesterday.

I used my extra strong glasses to be able to see it clearly.  I only made a few mistakes that were caught early and easily fixed.  Thank goodness.

I got a few more pieces of bright check on the head of the little birdie.

I forgot to put on my FitBit this morning.  Rats.  After I realized that I didn't have it on, I used my nano to keep track of my steps at the Y.
I can hardly believe we are half way through January.  I got confirmation of my registration for Williamsburg.  I am really torn between two classes.  I want to take both of them!