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Sunday, January 3, 2016


Progress is so slow when you are working over one thread.  I got one motif done and started the next one.  I decided to do it pink because of the tulips shape in the corners.  This is the last big motif on this part.  There are a few letters and corners but those won't take long (knock on wood).

I think I can finish this part today.  The chart is so fragmented (there are like 50 pages to it) that I don't really know what comes next.  Somewhere I have them all printed out but I can't find that stack of paper.  So I've been printing them out as I need them and taping two or three together to get a better picture of what I'm working on.
I learned a new word today.  It was on Julia Line's blog. Vorfreude.  I love that feeling.  It is joyful intense anticipation that comes from imagining future pleasures.  Right now I'm counting down the days until Amy Mitten's next project is released (12 days).  Lots of vorfreude around here.