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Tuesday, January 26, 2016


The wind made it cold walking outside.  But I should appreciate the fact that I was able to walk outside in January -  two days in a row!
Now I am cozy inside and ready to start stitching.  I finished a motif on the Quaker Bag and started another.

 It is great to have some progress.  I want to finish the dark pink motif and get a letter done today.
  I'd love to finish Monica's apron today.  That is my goal.
I was making a top.

 I love this material and was determined to make it into something.  I tried it on yesterday and found out that it is too small.  I'm going to have to scrap it.  I think the pattern was meant to be made with a stretchy material.  Rats.  You win some, you lose some.


  1. Your Quaker bag stitching is looking so pretty..
    Love the top so much
    Stay warm xx

  2. So sorry about your top! Perhaps you could finish it and find someone to gift it to? I hate to see your work and materials go to waste!

  3. Quaker Bag is coming along nicely.
    I agree, give it to someone, that way your time and materials aren't wasted.