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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Berry Good

I got the Berry Bandit kit by Barbara Jackson in the mail yesterday.

Fun!  The strawberry will be bigger than I thought.

I made another large strawberry by Barbara in a class at Celebrations.

I just love getting a whole complete kit.  I got the stretcher bars too.  I'm hoping the crewel embroidery will be forgiving to one who isn't the best at this type of embroidery.

I got a small piece of gold leather tacked down on the little birdie and have started to put some bright check on the top of his head.

 The leather is really hard to stitch through.  I have to use pliers to put the needle in and to pull it through.

I got some fabric I ordered to finish the quilt in the mail also.  But it isn't quite the right color.  I ordered a different color and have my fingers crossed that it will match this time.
Have a good day!


  1. Wow it's going to be so beautiful..amazing work
    Love the sweet bird x

  2. I am in awe Amy! Gorgeous Berry project! Your poor fingers stitching thru leather, ouch! Hope the fabric is the correct tone your wanting. love Annette

  3. Very cute projects.
    Love the big Strawberry!